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5 interactive mobile ads that engaged cricket fans and scored big with IPL Advertising

5 interactive mobile ads that engaged cricket fans and scored big with IPL Advertising

The 16th season of the Indian Premier League is in full gear, and we just can’t keep calm!
IPL 2023 is bigger & better than ever.

According to the financial express, from approx. 10,000 crore INR advertising budgets across TV & digital this year, 60% is dedicated solely to IPL. Experts believe that the telecom, automobile, consumer tech, e-commerce, and gaming sectors will lead the advertising game during IPL 2023. As per the TAM sports report. 14 new categories and 53 new brands have advertised in the first 16 matches of IPL 16, compared to IPL 15.

The right time for your brand to capitalize on IPL 2023 Advertising is NOW!
IPL Advertising improves visibility and top-of-mind recall. It drives high impact through consumer engagement, multilingual marketing, and retargeting. IPL Advertising increases reach and boosts brand growth

Need more reason to increase your brand visibility during IPL 2023? You should not only advertise but make the ad experience interactive and engaging for your audience, which will help you achieve your branding KPIs.

5 mobile campaigns that played the IPL advertising game right, and won!

These big brands optimized moment marketing and bowled over cricket fans with their mobile ad campaigns.

The ITC Bingo cricket campaign got users swinging to score and take wickets with a gamified mobile ad – a combo of ‘asli flavour’ & fun!

With cricket being the perfect topical setup, Bingo created a mobile-based cricket game that targeted user interests of cricket fans. The integration of the phone’s motion sensors as a trigger to replicate the batting and bowling action, gave a realistic experience of actually playing cricket on one’s phone. 

After starting the game with a tap, users could pick heads or tails for the toss; then tilt their mobile to choose batting or bowling. They were directed to physically swing their phone forward for 6 deliveries – either to bat & hit fours/ sixes or to bowl & take wickets. The gamified campaign reached 7.7MN users and garnered a 2.12% engagement rate among IPL fans.

PharmEasy’s Super Saver Sale campaign leveraged mobile sensors to build awareness of its special match offers

Leveraging moment marketing, PharmEasy capitalized on the cricket buzz to promote its offers creatively with a sensory-rich ad on mobile. The campaign garnered a purchase intent of over 60% while increasing message association to 95%. The innovative ad reached 10.5 MN users and achieved a 1.9% engagement rate.

This mobile-led campaign integrated real-time cricket score data and leveraged advanced accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. The ad prompted users to shake their phones to cause a ‘run out’, making it a truly immersive gaming experience.

DBS Bank optimized a well-timed campaign with LIVE cricket scores to push their safe banking services into the spotlight

DBS Bank promoted its financial services with a data-driven ad that smartly leveraged cricket to create hype around its campaign. Using real-time cricket score data, the video ad dynamically featured LIVE match scores only during matches, using laser-focused targeting.

Using the spotlight format, the ad reached 12 MN users with an impressive 21% VTR on this video campaign.

Also, read our case study to know how Bira 91 used real-time cricket scores to engage users on small screens during an international cricket tournament.

Optimum Nutrition encouraged IPL fans to jump up & down to test their fitness limits, with a mobile-first innovative concept

Optimum Nutrition made the best of topical marketing by engaging users with an immersive campaign during IPL. This unique mobile-led ad used motion & orientation sensors which got users to jump 10 times in 5 seconds, while building awareness about their product.

The IPL campaign reached 6.5 MN users with focused targeting; it garnered 2.3% CTR, which is 11X above the industry average.

Explore a similar time-targeted campaign; read our case study on Goibibo’s ‘Full Vasool League’ campaign, where users scored great travel deals with customized WhatsApp chats, between innings.

The PayTM campaign had users knocking boundaries in gamified creative to promote exclusive 4ka100 offers during match days

This offer-led campaign by PayTM innovatively utilized powerful mobile sensors, asking users to swing their phone to the left, to hit a four. The gesture of swinging the mobile is similar to the motion of batting, to give an immersive cricketing experience to fans. 

As the offers on the digital payment platform were valid only on match days, users were exclusively reached using contextual targeting during matches only. The ad was gamified keeping it relevant to cricket, asking users to interact and hit a 4, bringing out the offer’s primary communication – 4ka100. The innovative campaign reached 11 MN users and achieved 12.5X CTR higher than industry standards.

How to create a successful ad campaign for IPL 2023 with mCanvas?

Your brand can use laser-focused targeting to reach your audience during the current IPL season. Customize your ads based on location, gender, age, language, etc. to make a personal connection with your targeted users. Leverage unique ad sensors and innovative features on mobile to create immersive ad experiences on second screen during IPL 2023, to amplify visibility for your brand.

With the 16th season of IPL fever taking over in the country (and parts of the world), it’s time for your brand to capitalize on IPL 2023 Advertising. Improve brand visibility & top-of-mind recall, increase audience reach, and drive high-impact consumer engagement with interactive mobile ads by mCanvas.

Reach out to us today, or drop us a line at sales@mcanvas.com to score big wins for your brand, during IPL 2023.

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