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Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar & Jeep take the fast lane to reach higher CTR with interactive mobile ads

Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar & Jeep take the fast lane to reach higher CTR with interactive mobile ads

Driving interest in luxury cars is an experience that’s difficult to sell using static banner ads. As per a recent report, buyers expect a highly exclusive experience. They seek continual engagement and personalized experiences through the purchase journey. Brands must not just maintain a luxurious look and feel across the communication but also create an immersive experience. Interactive mobile ads can help automotive brands offer buyers a slice of luxury, driving exceptional engagement and click-through rates.

Let’s deep dive into how these top 5 global luxury automotive brands accelerated their campaigns towards success with mCanvas.

Mercedes garners 66 MN reach with future of mobility

Mercedes took a unique approach to demonstrate the functionality of their new electric vehicle, EQC. Plugging in a unique concept, the brand asked users to connect their phone charger to power up the ad. The ad reached over 66 MN users and garnered a CTR of over 2%.

BMW’s ads unveiling new car acquire 22X CTR above industry standard

BMW ran two interactive mobile ads to promote its new, all-electric iX model. The first creative allowed users to swipe and rotate the car giving them a 360* view of all its exterior features. The other creative allowed the users to tap and explore the various features of the car’s interior. Giving users control instead of just showing them the features worked beautifully in the brand’s favour, garnering a CTR of 4.38% which is 22X the industry average.

Audi’s invite to an electric future achieves 2% CTR

While introducing Audi’s e-tron models, the brand nudged the user to touch the fingerprint on the screen to enter the ‘electric future’. Once their fingerprint is scanned, the users were shown multiple visuals of what the electric future would look like. The immersive storyline reached over 7 MN users and gained a CTR of 2% with the ad.

Jaguar showcases speed & elegance, with interactive mobile sensors

Jaguar launched a multi-step interactive mobile ad to create excitement about the new Jaguar XE model. First, the users had to tap on the screen to see the car. Then, they had to tilt their phones left and right to explore the car’s features. In the last segment of the ad, they had to press the pedal on the screen to accelerate the vehicle. Incorporating the gyroscope and accelerometer motion sensors the ad worked brilliantly, garnering the brand a CTR of 1.73%.

Jeep achieves 6.61 MN reach with bite-sized narratives

Jeep divided the promotional narrative for the newly launched Meridian into bite-sized segments. These were placed in an interactive mobile ad, asking users to swipe to see more as they liked. Each swipe revealed a new feature of the car along with catchy visuals. This allowed users to consume the ad at their pace, driving a higher brand recall.

Driving ahead with mCanvas

The automotive industry in the US will likely spend $19 Billion on digital advertising in 2023. As automotive brands battle it out to be the first choice of potential customers, interactive mobile ads help them race ahead of the competition. Brands can tap into a variety of customizable ad formats and mobile sensors to effectively reach and engage consumers and provide them with the luxurious experience they seek.

Brands can leverage tap and tilt, virtual reality and interactive swipe features to build effective and engaging campaigns with mCanvas — showcasing the features of their vehicles and making the most of precise targeting solutions.

Take the fast lane to success with interactive mobile ads to build awareness and recall for your luxury automobile brand. Get in touch with us today and let’s get started!

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