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As travel intent rises, tourism brands can win big with mobile-first interactive ads in 2023

As travel intent rises, tourism brands can win big with mobile-first interactive ads in 2023

The global tourism sector is expected to grow to nearly $2.29 trillion in 2023, surpassing the peak reported in 2019. The world is ready to reclaim avenues of leisure and travel, which they couldn’t do during the pandemic. This pent-up demand and desire are fuelling what’s come to be known as revenge travel. Over 90% of Americans plan to travel in 2023, and 24% have set aside over $4,000 to turn these wanderlust plans into reality!

With 18% of Americans set to take a trip during spring break this year, the second quarter of the year is bound to be a busy time for the tourism sector. Summer holidays will see an even bigger increase in international travel plans. Brands must cut through the clutter, engage potential customers, and craft narratives that increase top-of-mind recall and brand preference. Interactive mobile ads can go a long way in helping them leap to the goal. 

Interactive ads can deliver 29% higher purchase intent and 27% higher brand favourability than static banner ads. Read on for inspiring success stories of tourism brands that won big with interactive ads.

Marriott Bonvoy leverages spatial sensors to keep users engaged for 16 seconds 

Marriott Bonvoy crafted a unique interactive mobile ad with mCanvas, wherein the viewer had to pace forward to see the next frame. The innovation helped potential customers imagine themselves walking within the luxurious Marriott properties. The highly-engaging ad kept users hooked for close to 16 seconds, helping the brand garner a 4.6 MN reach and a 1.23% CTR.

Cleartrip’s ad announcing grand travel sale garners 3.64% CTR

Cleartrip started with a simple premise asking users if they were ready to turn their travel plans into reality. A plane would then fly from one end of the screen to another, unveiling multiple air travel deals. The interstitial ad promoting the festive travel sale garnered a phenomenal 3.64% CTR (18X above the industry average) and over 5 MN reach.

Vistara charms travelers with a city-centric ad to win a 3% CTR

Focusing on the city of Mumbai with a #ToMumbaiWithLove campaign, Vistara promoted all its distinct and luxurious offerings, engaging users with an interstitial ad. The visually appealing ad was so impactful that it helped the brand achieve a CTR of 3% (15X higher than the industry standard) and a reach of over 2 MN users.

Singapore Airlines drove 3% CTR for ticket bookings

Singapore Airlines gave potential customers a glimpse into a Summer Holiday in Singapore, with a captivating interstitial ad. With a prominent ‘Book Now’ CTA, the ad helped to direct viewers to buy tickets on the airline’s website. The campaign garnered a reach of over 3.4 MN and a whopping 3% CTR (15X higher than the industry standard) for the brand. 

Indigo’s scratch & win approach helps it achieve a 2.4% CTR

Indigo’s scroller ad nudged intrigued users to click and explore their ad, which directed them to a page with a themed virtual scrapbook. Once there, they could scratch and win exclusive discounts. Reaching over 2 MN travel enthusiasts, the ad engaged them for 10+ seconds on average, with a 2.4% CTR (12X above the industry standard).

15% Americans have already purchased their tickets for a vacation plan in 2023, indicating a high intent to travel. It speaks of the weight revenge travel holds over the imagination of the post-pandemic world. There is a very high intent to travel and a wish to break free from the mundane routine that was brought on by the pandemic. Tourism brands must engage potential travelers with attractive narratives, by offering exclusive deals on holiday experiences. 

With mCanvas’ mobile-first ad innovations and targeting capabilities, tourism brands can ensure excellent ROIs on every penny spent. If you are a tourism brand looking to craft an interactive experiential ad for vacationers, reach out to us today.

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