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‘Taste ads’ that no one will want to block

‘Taste ads’ that no one will want to block

Picture this. You’re reading Buzzfeed’s post on your mobile phone, and suddenly an ad appears, telling you about Magnum’s latest offering – a chocolate-filled, vanilla-infused, fruit and nut covered frozen dessert. Lovely isn’t it? Don’t you wish you could just taste this delicious piece of information right away? Worry not. It’s possible.

mCanvas has been using phone sensors and features in ads from 2015 to make ads engaging and interactive. If you browse through premium content sites, chances are you’ve tapped your mobile screen, tilted or panned your phone, spoken into the microphone or simply taken a selfie to see the ad in its entirety. Thanks to mCanvas’ innovations lab, a new feature has been added called Taste. Simply put, users can now taste edible products by advertisers, right there on their mobile screens, through Taste Ads.

Taste Ads had been in beta for six months and was released this week to brands and agencies. Initial reactions pouring in are encouraging and mCanvas is planning to release these ads for dry edibles as well as beverages. Nikunj Soni, Co-founder/CTO & Chief Tasting Officer at mCanvas commented, “Touch screen technologies used in mobile phones include resistive, capacitive and surface-wave based systems. When a user touches the screen, the two layers make contact exactly on that spot. The change in the electrical field is noted and the coordinates of the point of contact are calculated by the processor. Once the coordinates are known, a special driver translates the touch into something that the operating system can understand. These ads then take signals from the phone OS. When the tongue touches pictures of products, it converts those signals in such a way that tastebuds can identify the type of taste.”

For enquiries and demos, contact hello@mcanvas.com

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