5 Advantages of Mobile Video Advertising

5 Advantages of Mobile Video Advertising

The first-ever video advertisement was televised after a baseball game on July 1, 1941, and forever changed the way the advertising world worked. This groundbreaking 10-second advert only cost the company $9 but brought returns worth the salt. What happened next is nothing short of revolutionary.  

Today, however, video ads do not need big screens or massive billboards to prove effective. Mobile can deliver the same efficiency just as fast, and at half the ad spend. Further, mobile-first ads have allowed numerous brands to attract, engage, and convert prospective audiences anywhere, anytime.  

Now, with the boom in video consumption worldwide, this space has only become more fertile for brands and marketers to bank on. India alone has a staggering 356 million mobile video viewers in India. As the number of smartphone users increases, this figure is only going to go up. That is why many marketers have been quick to adopt and roll out innovative mobile-first adverts.  

What is Mobile Video Advertising?  

Mobile video ads are mobile-only video adverts. An effective mobile video advertising ad format is Outstream video ads. These ads auto-play on mute either within the content page or pop up on the apps. Outstream videos also come with options to unmute, skip, or dismiss and are easily customizable to fit the distinct brand needs. 

Why Mobile Video Advertising is the Way Forward  

Intelligent marketers understand how contextualized video experiences, as offered by mobile-led ads, can act as ROI boosters. Unlike dull banner texts, video ads strive to entertain and inform the digital audience. Not only do they offer a rich viewing experience, but they also encourage consumers to take intent-based actions like: 

  • Check local stores 
  • Submit form
  • Download
  • Click to call, and more 

These ads can be placed on content websites and apps in a seamless fashion, so they don’t demand attention disruptively and provide a standout viewing experience. 

This is one of the reasons why Outstream ads score better than banner ads. These ads allow brands to deliver intuitive, informative, and interactive content that is consumable on the go for superior conversion metrics.   

Many top brands in India such as DS Group, Mankind Pharma, Dell, Tata Capital, Asian Paints, Nerolac, PC Chandra, to mention a few, have already adopted the medium to reach new clusters of customers engagingly.  

To illustrate, let us consider the Excel Virus Guard campaign by Nerolac. To encourage their audience to maximize safety at home, the brand advertised its painting solution Excel Virus Guard using a mobile video ad that reached a whopping 4.5 million users. It was interactive, informative, and increased engagement.   

With the information-rich content and creative CTAs, numerous brands are staying on top of the trend and winning new customers. Big Time.  

Here are the five benefits of mobile-responsive video adverts that brands shouldn’t miss out on.  

5 Benefits of Mobile Video Advertising You Need to Know  

1. Contextualized ad content    

Video ads are more likely to grab the audience’s attention than banner ones. For example, a video ad for a saucepan displayed on a recipe webpage makes more sense than the same ad placed on a World War II blogpost. Since Outstream ads always fit the context, they are not invasive.  

So, when a reader reaches the page, they can either consume the content entirely or partially based on preference. This naturally increases the click rates and viewership of the ad.  

2. Non-intrusive 

Outstream ads empower users to choose how they want to engage with the ad. So, viewers can either watch the video at will or scroll away as they please. As such, they offer a smart way to reach the audience in a non-intrusive way and overcome ad fatigue.  

3. Improved conversions   

Static ads are boring. Period. Mobile-responsive adverts, on the other hand, offer immense scope for interactive, intuitive, and promotional content to thrive online. There’s the option to gamify ads or use a carousel of images to generate user interest naturally. 

By combining stunning visuals and sophisticated smartphone features in videos, advertisers can encourage viewers to act and boost interactivity for enhanced engagement. Just consider this: a well-executed video ad can boost the conversion rates by up to 80%! ii 

4. Effective narrative   

In contrast to banner ads, media-rich ads can offer a more fertile space for creative and emotional content to thrive. Video ads with a humane, relatable story at the center usually get a better viewership since they facilitate complete audience engagement.  

Such a stimulated ad experience also translates to top-of-mind brand recall and keeps the ROIs optimal.  

5. More expansive outreach  

With Outstream videos, brands can enjoy a more expansive outreach since the format isn’t limited to streaming websites only. In addition to video players, brands can run these ads online across editorial content, webpage corners, in-apps, social media sites, and more. For instance, mCanvas has Streambox, a dedicated ad format that embeds native video ads between editorial content.  


You see, as more and more people turn to smartphones rather than desktops, mobile-responsive video ads can help brands generate optimal ROI and drive improved business outcomes.  

mCanvas, the mobile branding at scale company, offers impactful ‘video views’ solutions to help brands produce and scale high-impact mobile-first campaigns. The platform has spearheaded numerous buzz-worthy mobile ad campaigns that reached a digital audience of over 400 million mobile web and app users and delivered lasting results.  

Wondering how you can also create an effective video advertising strategy? Let our experts show you the way. Connect now!  

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