How new innovative video ad solutions are helping brands scale impact

How new innovative video ad solutions are helping brands scale impact

The pandemic and the increased number of smartphone users in India have accentuated the adoption, growth and consumption of video content. In India alone, consumers are watching online video content for an average of 5 hours and 16 minutes a day, the highest in the world. Marketers have been prompt to embrace the trend to reach potential market segments at strategic digital touchpoints with impactful video ads to stay ahead of the curve. 

New innovative and impactful solutions are transforming the video ad space. One such solution enables consumers to watch ads ‘at will’. Consumers can actively choose to engage with a video they find relevant, or simply continue to scroll or close the experience to dismiss it. Companies like mCanvas provide this solution along with a companion banner ad for increased visibility, show variations of videos or CTAs. They also give companion banners along with video ad to show different variations of videos or CTAs. This format is known as Streambox.

Available in a multitude of Indian languages and is 100% viewable by design, these videos are also accompanied by a custom companion banner with mobile-first CTAs like ‘click to call’, ‘download’, ‘submit form’, ‘locate store’, and more that drives meaningful, high-intent consumer action. 

Here are three use case scenarios of how top brands are leveraging these innovative video ad formats as a solution to fulfill campaign objectives and achieve outstanding branding outcomes. 

OnePlus Launched an Event Live with an Outstream Video Ad  

The lockdown has enabled brands to think of innovative ways to showcase product launches through live video streaming events that can be accessed by audiences across the globe. OnePlus launched its long-awaited Summer Launch Event to promote the OnePlus TV U1S and OnePlus Nord CE 5G with an outstream video ad. 

Leveraging the ‘video views’ solution, the brand enabled consumers to watch the 40-minute live launch on their smartphones seamlessly. 

Reaching a stellar 16 million consumers, the video ad was accompanied by a customized banner below, with a prompt to ‘Watch Now’. This directed consumers to OnePlus’ YouTube channel, where they could continue watching the launch.  

McDonald’s Promoted Offers and Discounts with a Video Ad on Mobile Apps 

McDonald’s leveraged a powerful video ad on mobile apps, to promote deals on its breakfast menu in an innovative manner. While the users were on the app, an interstitial ad appeared on the screen. However, users could close the experience to continue what they were previously doing on the app, with ease. 

Within the interstitial ad, consumers were nudged to avail of the brand’s exciting breakfast offers and were also shown a video ad that engaged them thoroughly.  The ad also featured a prompt to ‘Order Now’, that directed consumers to the brand’s website, where they could fill in their details and place an order. 

Arun Icrecreams Showcased Product Depth through innovative ad

Arun Icecreams promoted its wide range of decadent ice creams with outstream video ad ‘Streambox’ with an outstanding view-through rate of 54%. 

As consumers scrolled through content on their smartphones, the video ad started playing on mute. Encouraging users to toggle between videos to creatively learn about the different ice cream flavors, the campaign created a lasting impression. 

Alternatively, if consumers did not wish to watch the commercial, they could simply continue scrolling. 

It is evident that video ads work seamlessly for brands on mobile and have helped to establish brand credibility, trust and to sustain recall. In fact, they are no more an option, but an absolute necessity in any brand’s marketing strategy, that must be leveraged to connect with market segments in a meaningful manner. 

mCanvas, the leading mobile branding platform has empowered brands to create impactful experiences and strategically reach over 250 million, high-intent consumers with its ‘video views’ solution across top tier mobile apps and web. 

mCanvas strives to create industry disruptive, mobile-first, video ads for brands that deliver the campaign messages in the best way possible, while also creating a lasting impression. Connect with us to know more.

Interested to learn more about how mCanvas can help achieve your video marketing goals? Get in touch!

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