How Top Brands are Driving High Quality Engagements with mCanvas’ Mobile Ads

How Top Brands are Driving High Quality Engagements with mCanvas’ Mobile Ads

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their ad consumption preferences and are exercising their choicelike never beforeBrands, on the other hand, are facing the challenge where standard banners have led to fatigue, and consumers don’t seem to engage with themThis has compelled marketeers to go beyond standard ads to create experiences that drive engagement. 

mCanvas, an ad tech platform offers mobile branding solutions at scaleWe create impactful mobile experiences in our in-house studio by seamlessly blending storytelling with advanced smartphone sensors and features. These campaigns are then distributed through our media network of over 250 premium apps and websites. We also offer brand solutions for ‘video views’ – ads that drive high intent views on video ads and ‘clicks’ – those that drive traffic to websites with mobile-first formats. Since its inception in 2015, we have enabled over 500 brands across industries to promote their products and services seamlessly with industry disruptive, engaging experiences. Besides engagements, we also offer brand solutions for ‘video views’ – ads that drive high-intent views on video ads and ‘clicks’ – those that drive traffic to websites with mobile-first formats.  

Committed to creating engaging mobile adsmCanvas unveiled ‘engagements’ – a creative ad solution that enables brands to elevate their narrative with a full-screen ad that retains 100% of the consumer’s attention. Leveraging speech recognition, face detection, powerful motion sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope, augmented reality and virtual reality among others, we effectively engage users in a memorable way leading to greater ad awareness and brand favourability. Brands can choose these unique ad formats to fulfil their branding KPIs. Delving deeper into how engagements have worked for brands, here are three use case scenarios of how top brands engaged users with our innovative mobile ads.  

  1. Asian Paints – Viroprotek | COVID-19 Containment Zone data

In 2020, the coronavirus was all we spoke about. It impacted consumers in an unprecedented manner, and it became imperative for brands to communicate with consumers prudentlyAsian Paints created a topical ad to urge consumers to stay safe during the pandemic. It highlighted its surface sanitiser –Viroprotek.   

The mobile campaign drove high-quality engagements by prompting consumers to enable their location on their smartphones. Using COVID-19 containment zone data, the ad then showcased the number of containment zones within a 5-km radius. The ad then presented its hand sanitiser as the perfect solution to stay protected during the pandemic, establishing strong brand recall. Users spent over 13 seconds on average, engaging with the ad.  

2. Mercedes-Benz – EQC | Tap to Explore

Responding to control emissions and being responsible have been a matter of concern for car manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz took the lead on this, by promoting the launch of EQC – its electric car, along with its top-of-the-line charging technology. 

In order to innovatively showcase the features of the car, mCanvas delivered an ad that seamlessly blended advanced technology and creativity. Reaching over 6.5 million users, the campaign prompted them to tap on the ad to unveil the future of mobility. On doing this, a lightning animation appeared at the bottom of the screen, revealing the car. Consumers were then prompted to swipe left or right on their screen to explore the features of the automobile.

3. Panasonic LED Lights | Augmented Reality 

Panasonic, the worldwide leader in providing innovative products and services took a unique route to promote its Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb with mCanvas’ innovative scroller format  

Levelling with the innovative nature of the smart device, it was important for mCanvas to engage consumers with an equally innovative mobile ad. Integrating augmented reality, the mobile ad prompted consumerto move their phone around and choose from over 16 million distinct shades on the colour palette within the ad to choose a light that would suit their mood. The experience enabled them to observe how their homes would look when illuminated with Panasonic’s smart bulbThe ad witnessed an impressive 1.7% click-through rate, which is more than 8 times the standard engagements for mobile banner ads.  

It is evident that integrating engagements within mobile ads does, in fact, drive interest among audiences. With mCanvas’ engagement solution, brands enjoy up to 10x higher CTR as compared to standard banner ads, making it a strong contender for marketers to invest in.

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