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CPG Brands Secure Top-of-Mind Recall Despite High Competition with Interactive Mobile Ads

CPG Brands Secure Top-of-Mind Recall Despite High Competition with Interactive Mobile Ads

In a market with such high competition, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands find it difficult to retain top-of-mind recall. 57% of consumers switch to a new retailer to save money and 51% choose similar items from a different brand when their favourite item is out of stock. It is why CPG brands are some of the biggest ad spenders in the US, spending almost a quarter of their budgets on advertising.  

CPG brands are tapping into the potential of interactive mobile ads to showcase their products, introduce offers and boost conversions. These ads help CPG brands make the most of the scarce attention they receive from consumers.

Real-to-virtual with Domex & Maybelline 

One of the best ways to attract a consumer’s attention is to engage them with a gamified experience. In a recent mobile campaign, Domex invited users to virtually fight off bad smells, germs and stains. Users had to swipe a bottle of Domex from left to right on the screen, aiming at and killing off the three pain points the product offers to resolve for them in real life.

Maybelline used interactive mobile ads to demonstrate the use of its lipsticks. Using augmented reality and face detection mobile sensors, the ad allowed the user to virtually try on various lipstick shades until they arrived at the one that felt right on them. The users were then directed to the brand’s landing page to complete the purchase, helping Maybelline garner 10.72 MN impressions

Launching products the McDonald’s & Fanta way

Introducing the world to a new product can be a challenge, even for a legacy brand. When McDonald’s partnered with Minions: The Rise of Gru, the brand wanted consumers to #GoBananas over the new desserts. 

With the best mCanvas innovations, the brand created an interactive mobile ad where consumers could tap on the newly launched movie-themed desserts to finish a challenge and arrive at the landing page to buy the product. The VR-based campaign was so successful that it garnered McDonald’s a phenomenal CTR of 6.88%, over 30X the industry average for static banner ads. 

While launching Fanta Apple in India, Coca-Cola faced a unique challenge. The company was launching an apple-flavoured drink under Fanta – a product known for its predominantly orange-themed branding in the market. 

In an interactive mobile ad, the brand asked consumers to tap on the picture of an apple, which would burst into liquid, accompanied by a loud ‘crunch’ noise. It drove home the proposition that drinking the new beverage was as good as biting into a juicy apple, garnering the brand a reach of 15.15 MN users.

Cadbury’s interactivity-led topicals

Given the brand positioning of Cadbury Silk as a chocolate one can gift their loved ones, Valentine’s Day was a perfect opportunity to launch its all-new ‘S’ packaging.

With a VR-led mobile ad, the brand invited users to “catch” hearts in their immediate surroundings. The interactive experience was incentivised with discounts, leading the brand to achieve a CTR of 10.32%, a whopping 50X the industry average.

For Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables, the opportunity to promote an offer came with a partnership with the new Minion movie. Users were invited to use their mobile cameras to tap and collect Minions in their immediate VR-modified surroundings. 

Upon completing the challenge, they could buy a product from the limited edition range and get a chance to win a trip to Universal Studios in Singapore and other goodies. The engaging campaign garnered 5.7 MN impressions.

The global CPG market size is expected to reach $2807 Billion by 2030, rising at a CAGR of 3.5%. It is an industry that needs to engage its potential consumers beyond display ads, making the most of every second of attention they receive.

With mobile ad spends set to hit $362 Billion in 2023 and mobile augmented reality revenue expected to reach $36.26 Billion by 2026, the possibilities for mobile marketing by CPG brands are endless. 

CPG brands must continue to get innovative with interactive mobile ads using mobile sensors and features to effectively and efficiently increase their top-of-mind recall.

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