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JetZ garners over 123X CTR above industry average, with 26 seconds avg. time spent from over 2.6MN users for Sweet Stick mobile ad

JetZ - Sweet Stick
rich media

what JetZ wanted

  • To promote the new packaging for Sweet stick using 2 famous animated characters Shinchan & Tahilalats

  • To drive user traffic to their e-commerce website to purchase their product and grab new merchandise

branding solution offered by mCanvas

interstitial, press & hold function
males & females, 15 to 21 years of age, across Indonesia

how the campaign was executed

  • with mCanvas' rich media ad format - interstitial

  • an interactive ad using 2 animated characters Shinchan & Tahilalats to reveal the new packaging for Sweet Stick

  • the entire campaign was run in the Bahasa to engage with the target audience in Indonesia


  • The interstitial begins with a gift box tied up with a ribbon. A mysterious message says: “Curious about what's inside the box?” on the screen.

  • Once the user hits the “TAP TO CONTINUE” button, they see the older packaging with prompts to find out 'how their favourite snack gets a glow up from 2 universes.' Below this on the screen are the 2 animated characters Shinchan (the world's most popular Japanese anime character) & Tahilalats (a famous Indonesian webcomic)

  • Users are then asked to simultaneously “Press & hold the images of Shinchan & Tahilalats.” Once they do, the old packaging transforms with a sparkly effect from the top to the bottom of the screen

  • This reveals the all-new packaging for JetZ Sweet Stick, that has both famous characters added on the new packaging design

  • The closing screen says: “Let's have fun with friends from 2 universes Shinchan & Tahilalats” and a CTA button “GET IT NOW.”

  • This directs users to an e-commerce page on where they can buy the product in its exciting new packaging and grab some free merchandise along with their purchase.

see the results for yourself

2.64 MN


24.77% *

engagement rate


outbound click rate

25.83 secs

avg time spent
*>123X higher than the 0.20% industry average for mobile banner ads

MOAT by Oracle


on Screen %

impressions where at least 1 pixel of the ad was in-view with focus


Fully On-Screen %

impressions where the ad surface was 100% on-screen for any period of time



unfiltered impressions that were determined to be delivered to an invalid endpoint

campaign performance data

top 5 devices as per engagement

We wanted to tell our target audience that their favourite snack JetZ Sweet Stick now comes in an all-new packaging. To do this, we partnered with mCanvas to create an interactive & fun mobile ad featuring 2 animated characters, Shinchan & Tahilalats, the stars on the new packaging. And we are just over the moon with the explosive campaign results. A engagement rate of 25% with 26 seconds time spent on the ad, was more than we had expected. And the creative ad campaign by mCanvas gets all the goodies for making that happen!
Irvan Ferdiansyah,
Brand Manager, JetZ, Indonesia
When JetZ told us about the launch of an all-new packaging for JetZ Sweet Stick snack with 2 popular characters - Shinchan & Tahilalats, we were absolutely thrilled. We collaborated with mCanvas to create an interactive & exciting campaign. The mobile ad performed brilliantly as we found the sweet spot to engage with our young audience. The reactions have been overwhelming. The campaign results have gone through the roof. Working on this ad campaign with the team has been an amazing experience!
Nadhira Faza,
Digital Executive, i-dac, Indonesia
It was very exciting to promote the new Swet Stick packaging with Shinchan and Tahilalats, 2 very popular characters with our audience. With that in mind, we collaborated with mCanvas to create a fun, exciting and interactive mobile ad campaign. And our users just loved it - appreciating the attractive ad, playing the cool game and enjoying the entire engaging experience. What an amazing campaign with fantastic results - we couldn't have asked for more!
Septiantio Dimas Pratama,
Assistant Brand Manager, JetZ, Indonesia

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