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Crompton's QuietPro Campaign With 360-degree Virtual Kitchen Silenced Competitors; Amazed 9.4MN Users And Achieved 4.6X Higher CTR

Crompton: QuietPro Range
consumer durables

about Crompton

Renowned for high quality and innovation, Crompton specializes in consumer electricals, including fans, lighting, and household appliances. With a strong market presence, the brand's diverse portfolio of energy-efficient solutions is committed to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

what Crompton wanted

  • To introduce the new no-noise chimney - Crompton QuietPro Series, to the audience

  • To build awareness and boost brand recall with an interactive virtual experience

  • To drive purchase consideration for the brand through user engagement

branding solution offered by mCanvas

sticker, scroller, interstitial-portrait
gender: males & females
age: 25-44 year-olds
location: top 10 metro cities in India
classification: NCCS AB

how the campaign was executed

  • With mCanvas' mobile ad format and immersive technology, the campaign created a 360-degree virtual reality environment for user engagement.

  • On-screen features including TAP, PRESS & HOLD were complemented by strategically incorporating audio effects to emphasize the USPs of the chimney.

  • To position Crompton QuietPro series chimneys as a distinctive solution, the mobile ad showcased benefits and offers, setting it apart from competitors, and boosted purchase intent.


  • The expandable started by recommending users to turn up the volume for an enhanced experience. Upon doing so, they could hear the distinct noise of a kitchen chimney.

  • The next screen featured the copy, "Tired of chimney noise? Discover the quietest kitchen ever!" Users were prompted to tap a button and move their phones in a 360° Virtual Kitchen to find a solution for the noise.

  • Upon moving their phones, users came across a cooking station with steaming pots on flame, then they saw an instruction to Press & Hold to reveal the solution.

  • Once done, the noise stopped and a Crompton chimney faded in, eliminating steam and creating complete silence with the copy, "Crompton Chimneys - so silent, they'll leave you speechless."

  • Next, users were instructed to TAP on 5 Hotspots to discover dream features of the QuietPro Series chimney - Intelligent Auto Clean, Gesture Control, Inverter Motor, Booster Suction, & Low Noise Operation.

  • The closing screen then appeared, highlighting the brand’s key visual. A few card offers, and free installation benefits were highlighted to drive purchase consideration along with the CTA: “ENQUIRE NOW” that led users to the landing page.

see the results for yourself





4.6X higher than industry benchmarks

7.2 secs

avg time spent

1.6X above average

MOAT by Oracle


on Screen %

impressions where at least 1 pixel of the ad was in-view with focus


In-View %

unfiltered impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second


Fully On-Screen %

impressions where the ad surface was 100% on-screen for any period of time

campaign performance data

top 5 devices as per engagement

top 5 sites / apps as per Eng Rate

mCanvas delivered a game-changing campaign to promote the new Crompton QuietPro Series chimneys - so silent, they leave you speechless – a first in the large appliances category. The ad leveraged 360° virtual kitchen, along with motion sensors and on-screen interaction, to create an immersive user experience. The campaign resonated with our target audience, resulting in increased engagement, awareness and purchase consideration. mCanvas showcased innovation, strategic alignment, and creative finesse, setting a new standard for our brand.
Nitesh Mathur, Business Head (New Business CGCEL)
Our collaboration with mCanvas on the QuietPro series campaign was a fantastic success. The innovative approach to a 360° virtual experience, addressing the challenge of chimney noise, proved to be highly impactful. Targeting 25–44 year-olds in 10 metro cities, the campaign seamlessly engaged users and exceeded expectations. We are proud of our creative execution, strategic alignment, and the positive impact on brand perception that we achieved with this campaign.
Jyoti Patankar, General Manager Marketing (New Business CGCEL)
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