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August 2, 2023

Godrej Appliances partnered with mCanvas to enrich AI-enabled interactive mobile ads for its new Leak-Proof Split AC

Mumbai-August 2, 2023: Godrej Appliances, in collaboration with mCanvas, took the AI-enabled mobile gamification route to effectively communicate the benefits of its newly introduced Leak-proof Split Air Conditioners; thereby building affinity and driving traffic to the brand's website. The mobile campaign used two unique ad formats - an interactive click-format single-screen interstitial, and engagement-based gamified creative leveraging phone camera, motion sensors and augmented reality. The campaign reached more than 5.3MN users.

The AI-engagement mobile ad showed a banner ad hinting at Ayushmann's secret to being relaxed. After clicking on it, users were asked to raise the phone's volume to hear a familiar 'water dripping' sound with a prompt to end it. Once users tapped the 'Let's go' button and gave access to their phone camera, they needed to align their face inside the circle in AR to begin. Then, by tilting their head left or right they could dodge the water droplets leaking from the AC. Each successful dodge let them continue playing the game. If they missed and a water droplet fell on them, the gamified experience ended with a message 'Don't be stuck with a leaky AC, get 'India's 1st Leak-proof Split AC by Godrej'.

The closing screen played the TVC featuring Ayushman Khurrana and directed users to the brand's website to discover more about the product. This interactive ad achieved 1.8% engagement rate, which was 9 times higher than industry standards. The garnering amazing engagement with the audience.

The Interactive click mobile ad showcased the visual of a wall damaged due to a leaking AC with the copy ‘A leaky AC is a messy affair’. Subsequently, the animation of a laser beam sweeps in from left to right on the screen, transforming the dirty wall into a clean looking wall with the leak-proof split AC, thereby illuminating the room.

The closing screen featured Ayushmann Khurrana with the message ‘Get India’s 1st Leakproof Split AC by Godrej’ directing users towards the website by clicking on ‘Know more’ for additional product related details. This clicks campaign achieved 4.4% CTR, grabbing high attention of the audience.

Commenting on the campaign, Swati Rathi, Head of Marketing, Godrej Appliances said, “For the newly launched first-of-its-kind Godrej Leak-Proof Split Air Conditioners we wanted to take an equally innovative communication route to engage our users across media. The interactive ad creative and AI driven technology used in this digital campaign helped to highlight the pain-point of leaking ACs, thereby grabbing consumer's attention, and encouraging them to engage further and learn more about the product on offer.”

Rishi Sharma, Senior Vice President – mCanvas concluded, “We wanted to communicate about this innovative Godrej leak-proof split AC through out-of-the-box ad formats. By understanding the brand, its product and audience well, we created immersive mobile experiences for users who faced leaky AC issues. We leveraged mobile sensors, mobile phone camera, compelling copy, and exciting creatives with sounds and animation in AR to increase awareness and drive purchase intent for India’s 1st leak-proof split AC. A not-so-simple idea, turned into an interactive experience”

About Godrej Appliances
Godrej Appliances, a business unit of Godrej & Boyce, is one of the leading Home Appliances players in India. Godrej & Boyce was the first Indian Company in 1958 to manufacture refrigerators and since then Godrej Appliances has expanded its portfolio across several categories like Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens, futuristic Thermo-electric cooling solutions, Air Coolers, Deep Freezers, highly specialized Medical Refrigerators, UVC Technology-Based Disinfecting devices, Dishwashers, and more recently InsuliCool product range. This portfolio has been powered by the driving philosophy of 'Things Made Thoughtfully.’ Environment protection is a core value at Godrej. Thus, this concept extends from human-centric design to planet-centric design. Both manufacturing units of Godrej Appliances became the first in India to win the coveted Platinum Plus Green Co. certification for their pioneering eco-friendly practices. The brand takes pride in its carefully designed products and environment-friendly technologies. Further to this, it promptly provides the best-in-class, after-sales service through more than 680 service centers and 4500 SmartBuddy service experts pan-India. To learn more, visit:

About mCanvas:

mCanvas offers mobile branding solutions at scale that enable marketers to achieve campaign KPIs that matter – engagements, video views, and clicks. Over the past 7+ years, we have helped over 600 global brands drive high-impact display and video ads to over 300 million users, across premium mobile apps and websites. Our mobile ads integrate advanced features and sensors in the phone to provide users with disruptive ad experiences that are engaging and memorable. Our work has been recognised by industry stalwarts over the years and has received over 100 renowned accolades. visit:, to learn more about what we have to offer.

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