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Chocolates galore, gyroscopic sensors, and 16X higher engagement rate; Singapore users enchanted with gamified ad for Wonka

Warner Bros. Discovery

about Wonka

The film ‘Wonka’ brings with it, a legacy in the form of children’s books, live-action films and animation. The enigmatic, whimsical musical, ‘Wonka’ is the prequel to the iconic ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ 

what Warner Bros. Discovery wanted

  • To promote the film by leveraging innovative ad solutions and interactive sensors, that can drive awareness and traffic for the film’s release.

  • To leverage the familiarity that the audience has with the main character, to drive excitement for the prequel film - ‘Wonka.’

  • To create a highly-engaging experience using three immersive user journeys, and capture the audience’s attention by making them part of the story.

mCanvas’ branding solution

gyroscopic motion sensors, screen touch sensors, interstitial
primary: families with kids; females 13-44 years old; fans of: musicals, Timothée Chalamet, Roald Dahl, Wonka
secondary: males, 13-44 years old
appographic: all apps with focus on entertainment, food, e-commerce

how the campaign was executed

  • By leveraging mCanvas’ interactive rich media ad formats, using gyroscope and screen touch sensors within the ad creative, drove traffic to landing page.

  • Offering a choice between three chocolates, users were taken on unique journeys that leveraged three immersive sensors - shake, move phone up, and draw in the air - to create chocolates like Willy Wonka.

  • Bringing the magic of a cinematic blockbuster to mobile devices by incorporating dynamic graphics, intriguing copy, and engaging storytelling to communicate the campaign message and promote the film.


  • The expandable began stating "Willy Wonka is the best chocolatier in the world" setting the context. Users were prompted make one of Willy Wonka’s creations by tapping on "Let's Go" and choosing from 3 chocolate options.

  • Journey 1 – On choosing the 'Silver Lining' chocolate, users were asked to shake their phone, causing a lightning ray falling into the cloud, creating a sense of positivity. This chocolate promised to give the eater a ray of hope.

  • Journey 2 – Dubbed the 'Hoverchoc,' this green fortune-cookie-like chocolate prompted users to move their phones upward. Once done, the chocolate floated in mid-air, defying gravity, offering the user a delightful sensation of weightlessness.

  • Journey 3 – For the 'Giraffe Milk Macaron,' users were asked to draw a circular shape in the air with their phones. Then, the mottled giraffe-shaped cookie appeared to float up, boosting the eater’s confidence, making them feel ten feet tall.

  • After each user completed their respective journey, they would land on a closing screen of the 'Wonka' poster. The CTA: WATCH TRAILER directed them to a dedicated landing page, tailored for both pre-release and post-release phases of the movie.

see the results for yourself

1 Mn

users reached

7.5 secs

avg time spent


engagement rate

16 times higher than industry benchmarks


outbound click rate

>8 times above industry standards

MOAT by Oracle


on Screen %

impressions where at least 1 pixel of the ad was in-view with focus

64.44 % 

In-View %

unfiltered impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second

78.36 %

Fully On-Screen %

impressions where the ad surface was 100% on-screen for any period of time

 -50.00 % 


unfiltered impressions that were determined to be delivered to an invalid endpoint

campaign performance data

top 5 devices as per engagement



  • Gold won at DIGIXX 2024

  • in Experiential category: one-off branded event excellence for user experiences in the digital space.

Crafting a delectable, engaging ad experience for Wonka with mCanvas, we transformed the legacy of Willy Wonka into a whimsical journey, sparking excitement and anticipation for the release of the prequel. By asking users to create Wonka-style chocolates like the iconic character, we turned the campaign into a captivating adventure, resulting in an impressive 5.6% interaction rate. This innovative approach not only resonated with our audience but also surpassed industry standards, making Willy Wonka's world truly come alive on smartphone screens.
Ellina Leo, Associate Manager, Havas Media
We worked with mCanvas and turned the Wonka campaign into an interactive masterpiece, allowing users to step into Willy Wonka's world and create magical chocolates. The innovative user journeys, from 'Silver Lining' to 'Giraffe Milk Macaron,' not only captivated our audience but also delivered impressive results, reaching 1MN users with a remarkable 5.2% click rate. It's not just advertising; it's an immersive experience that leaves a sweet impression.
Min Par, Senior Media Executive, Havas Media
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