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JK Cement's Interactive Mobile Ad Leveraging Gyroscopic Sensors And Weather APIs Unveils JK ShieldMaxX Waterproof Putty During Monsoons; Achieves 5X Higher CTR

JK Cement
JK Cement ShieldMaxX Monsoon
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about JK Cement

JK Cement Ltd., one the leading grey cement manufacturers in India and white cement manufacturers globally, are renowned for product quality and technological prowess in infrastructure development.

what JK Cement wanted

  • to promote its premium wall putty, JK ShieldMaxX, as the ultimate solution for protecting walls during rains.

  • to increase brand recognition, recall and awareness among users

  • to educate consumers about JK ShieldMaxX's USPs, and drive engagement

  • to capture a significant share of the wall putty market, during the rainy season

branding solution offered by mCanvas

real-time location and weather APIs
gyroscopic motion sensors
draw X in the Air
regional targeting: all in Northern & Eastern states of India, during monsoon

how the campaign was executed

  • leveraging gyroscopic motion sensors, users were prompted to draw an X in the Air with their phones to form the JK ShieldMaxX logo, showcasing its effectiveness in protecting one’s home against dampness and flaking.

  • using mCanvas' rich media mobile ad format, with scroller & sticker, to engage users.

  • triggered by weather APIs, the ad reached users during the rains, by reminding homeowners of problems caused by rains, including 'papdi,' 'daag dhabbe,' and 'phoolna,’ with captivating audio & visuals.


  • The ad began showing a house with rain and thunderstorm animations and sounds. The copy read, “Raining Outside! Scared of damp walls?”

  • It then zoomed inside the house to reveal visuals of the interiors damaged by 'Papdi,' 'Daag Dhabbe,' and 'Phoolna.' An outline of an X appeared on the screen, offering users a solution to protect their homes from water damage.

  • Users were instructed to draw an X in the air with their phone. Once done, they saw the X of the JK ShieldMaxX logo being formed, while the damp walls transformed into perfect condition.

  • The screen zoomed out to reveal the house in pristine condition, being protected from the rains by a large shield. The closing screen featured key visuals and the CTA: KNOW MORE, which led users to the landing page when tapped.

see the results for yourself

1.6 MN




5.7X higher than industry standards

10 secs

avg time spent

MOAT by Oracle


on Screen %

impressions where at least 1 pixel of the ad was in-view with focus


In-View %

unfiltered impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second


Fully On-Screen %

impressions where the ad surface was 100% on-screen for any period of time



unfiltered impressions that were determined to be delivered to an invalid endpoint

campaign performance data

top 5 devices as per engagement

We are highly impressed by the innovative marketing campaign by Neelmay with mCanvas solution for JK ShieldMaxX that leveraged precise regional targeting and mobile sensors. It effectively addressed user challenges and showcased our product's waterproofing and durability. The interactive approach by Neelmay & mCanvas resonated with our audience and significantly boosted brand recognition and market share during the targeted season.
Indranil Lahiri
Brand Head, JK Cement
Collaborating on the JK ShieldMaxX campaign with mCanvas was a great experience for the JK Cement brand and our team. The use of gyroscopic motion sensors, with real-time weather APIs and interactive storytelling engaged the desired target audience effectively. We are impressed by the results achieved in terms of brand recognition and market capture, and look forward to future collaborations with the mCanvas team.
Varun Goel,
Global Business Director, Neelmay
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