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the awareness campaign by DSP leveraged gyroscope to shake off the clutter and helped users learn about Index Funds; the ad garnered 7X CTR above industry average

DSP Asset Manager
DSP Learn, Let's Index
rich media; mobile sensors

what DSP wanted

  • to spread awareness among potential customers about Index Funds

  • to create a high-impact ad campaign that wouldn't get lost amid the clutter of other finance-related communication

  • to increase reach & engagement with a short and minimalistic user journey, covering all details about Index Funds

branding solution offered by mCanvas

scroller, sticker, tap feature,
gyroscope sensors
males & females,
18+ years of age, pan-India

how the campaign was executed

  • Using mCanvas' innovative gyroscope sensors

  • the Index Funds awareness campaign, part of an ongoing initiative started by DSP, is called ‘Let’s Index’


  • The scroller banner appears from the bottom of the screen, showing a magnifying glass visual with the copy: “Looking for the best fund?” to raise the user’s curiosity. Once the scroller exits the screen, a small sticker tab pops out from the right of the screen with a similar visual.

  • After clicking any one of them, the user sees a word cloud of various fund names that animatedly pop up on the screen, with the message: “Finding the best funds?” Below the word cloud, the user is prompted: ‘Shake your phone to keep it simple.’

  • Once the user shakes their mobile phone, the word cloud breaks and the clutter fades away, revealing the copy ‘Till you find the best funds #Let’sIndex.’ Below the creative, the user sees a blinking button that says, 'Why Index Funds?'

  • Once the user taps the button, they are shown a list of 6 reasons motivating them to consider Index Funds as an investment option. At the bottom of the final screen, the user taps on the CTA button: “Start with Index Funds” which directs them to the DSP` landing page where they can invest in the easy and best solution - Index Funds.

see the results for yourself

5 MN


1.4% *

engagement rate
*(i.e. 7X above 0.2% industry standards)
“Our mobile campaign creatively introduced users to Index Funds. Using animation and mobile sensors, the ad presented different investment options and asked users to shake their phones and clear the clutter to find the easy and right option - Index Funds. The interactive and innovative campaign was strategically relevant to our communication, which resonated with our audience. Working on this campaign with the mCanvas team has been an absolute pleasure!”
Yogesh Apte, Manager, e-Business, DSP Asset Managers, India
Our aim was to communicate the key messaging of the DSP brand, as part of their ongoing awareness campaign, ‘Let’s Index.’ By understanding the brand, product and audience, we created an innovative, concise and minimalistic customer journey with content, animation and phone sensors to deliver a truly immersive experience. We’re glad our collaboration with mCanvas has been a memorable mobile experience, which worked well with our audience.
Puretech Digital, India
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