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ZEE5 Global drives awareness and purchase consideration with mCanvas' interactive mobile ad; achieves over 17X higher engagement rate

ZEE5 Global
ZEE5 Global - Rashmi Rocket

what ZEE5 Global wanted

  • promote the release of its upcoming film Rashmi Rocket

  • leverage branding solutions on mobile to create awareness about the archaic gender test that female athletes were subjected to, in an innovative manner

  • expand its reach in USA, Canada, and Australia

branding solution offered by mCanvas

tech used
live poll + counteraccelerometer & gyroscope motion sensors

how the campaign was executed

  • integrating a live poll and counter within the ad to gauge users’ awareness of the archaic gender test

  • running the ad on tier 1 mobile websites to ensure the brand reached the target market optimally

  • deploying the accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors to enable users to physically walk in the footsteps of the protagonist


  • the ad first showed users the number of people who have faced discrimination through a live counter on the screen.

  • they were then asked to vote whether they have faced discrimination with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; the results were displayed in real time.

  • the ad encouraged users to walk in the protagonist’s (Rashmi) shoes by physically taking a few steps forward to understand the ordeals she faced, to achieve her dreams; this was powered by the accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors.

  • the closing screen displayed the movie trailer, and the CTA ‘Subscribe Now’ which directed users to the landing page to start their subscription.

see the results for yourself

2 MN



engagement rate

8 secs

avg time spent
*(over 17X higher than the industry average)

MOAT by Oracle


on-screen rate

unfiltered impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second


fully on-screen rate

impressions where the ad surface was 100% on-screen for any period of time


In-view time

The length of time in seconds that an ad has been active and In-View.

We are bullish about creating the very best ad experiences for our audience. mCanvas shares this vision, and the resulting mobile ad for Rashmi Rocket achieved over 17X higher engagement rate. This is goes to show that regional targeting, integrating the right technology and creativity are what make for powerful and effective mobile branding ads.
Vinay Iyengar, Director - Global CLM and Revenue growth, ZEE5 Global
What really makes this mobile campaign special is that we took the audience on a memorable journey to make a deeper impact. We built awareness about the realities of female athletes with a live poll within the ad, and enabled users to physically walk in the footsteps of the protagonist, providing a memorable, immersive ad experience.
Yogin Vora, Associate Director - Digital Marketing, ZEE5 Global
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