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Wakefit achieves 6X higher engagement rate with dynamic 'Take A Sleep Quiz'

Wakefit Mattresses: 'Take a sleep quiz'

about Wakefit is a research and innovation-driven sleep and home solutions company established in March 2016. It was founded by Ankit Garg and Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, with a vision to democratize sleep and home solutions in India. With a portfolio that previously included mattresses, pillows, bed frames, mattress protectors, comforters, neck pillows, and back cushions, has now expanded to include home products such as study tables, bookshelves, shoe racks, TV units, bedside tables, coffee tables, dining tables, towels, and more. It manufactures its products in-house at factories in Bengaluru, Jodhpur, and Delhi. It sells across the country through its own online portal and through other online marketplaces. prides itself on its customer experience, with over 1 million customers serviced across six years.

what was the consumer problem being addressed?

As much as people care about mattress features, they care even more about finding the right mattress that suits their sleep patterns and needs. Ultimately, the goal is to help them sleep deeper and better. However, in the sea of options, there is bound to be confusion. Choosing a good quality mattress is as difficult as it is vital because not only are you buying it to spend 1/3rd of your day on it but also buying it for a long period that can go upto a decade. Hence, choosing the right mattress becomes a very high involvement decision.

Wakefit's solution

To solve one part of the problem, Wakefit had already announced their 100 Day Buy and Try policy so that users are extremely confident. To go one level deeper, wakefit also wanted to engage users by helping them find the right mattress for them. For the same reason, wakefit and canvas designed an innovative and interactive mobile ad to break free of the clutter and try something only a handful of brands have experimented with.

The brand wanted to create awareness not only about the wide range of mattresses and the different benefits they hold for different people, but also about their incredible deals using an innovative ad format that would leave a lasting impression on the minds of the audience and create brand recall as well.

branding solution offered by mCanvas

25-44 years old
Cities- Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune


The campaign was built around a solution-based approach to address the issue of poor sleep or insomnia. To leverage the best of Wakefit's products, and help the audience choose the best mattress for themselves, mCanvas used their innovative quiz feature, based on 'tap the button' sensor and scroller ad format.

  • The ad began with a with a simple yet soothing visual, addressing the issue of poor sleep quality due to the use of cheap and mediocre quality mattresses

  • The 'Take a sleep Quiz' button prompted the users to engage with the ad and gave the brand a chance to gather audience insights on major reasons behind poor sleep quality.

  • Once the user started they were asked three questions about issues affecting their sleep quality and their requirements from their mattress. this drove brand recall as the user understands and appreciates the brand's effort to provide the right and comfortable mattress.

  • Towards the end, on the basis of their chosen answers, the quiz dynamically recommended a Wakefit mattress that would best fit their needs. the graphic also displayed the price and benefits of the recommended mattress.

  • The CTA button was added to the final screen to redirect the customer to the brand's e-commerce page, prompting them to make a purchase for a good night's sleep.

  • This directs users to an e-commerce page on where they can buy the product in its exciting new packaging and grab some free merchandise along with their purchase.

The complete flow was designed to drive higher brand awareness and brand recall. the campaign was a success as the brand achieved the desired results.

see the results for yourself

14.2 MN


1.2% *

engagement rate

8.8 secs

avg time spent
*6X higher than the 0.20% industry average of standard banner ads

MOAT by Oracle


on Screen %

impressions where at least 1 pixel of the ad was in-view with focus


in-view %

The percentage of unfiltered impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second.


in-view time %

The length of time in seconds that an ad has been active and In-View.


Fully On-Screen %

impressions where the ad surface was 100% on-screen for any period of time



unfiltered impressions that were determined to be delivered to an invalid endpoint

campaign performance data

top 5 devices as per engagement

top websites and top cities as per engagement

Instead of it just being a normal display ad, we wanted the users to engage with the brand and add value in the cluttered space of display advertising. We brainstormed and came up with the idea to help people choose the right mattress for them which is a valid consumer pain point according to our research. The simple yet effective journey that mCanvas created for Wakefit’s audience was interactive and efficient. We learned about the audience’s likes & requirements and delivered need based solutions with the scroller based ad format. The campaign helped us get ahead of the curve and generate awareness for all our mattress product offerings.
Prateek Malpani
Head of Brand,
The 'tap the button' sensor combined with the innovative quiz feature was a simple but brilliant solution. The objective of the ad was to drive higher awareness and brand recall. The ad not only fulfilled its objectives but produced top-of-mind recall because of its creative design.
Ravi Gupta,
AVP Digital Media, Logicserve Digital
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