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see how JAIN Online gamified their mobile ad garnering over 7X engagement rate: Reaches 7.6MN users.

JAIN Online
Online Education

what JAIN wanted

  • to promote JAIN Online's brand campaign - #JAINOnlineCan and reinforce the thought that within the vast EdTech space, JAIN Online stands for credibility

  • to create a highly interactive and immersive experience for the users that leaves a lasting impression and generates high brand recall

branding solution offered by mCanvas

18-40 years old
People living in: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana


  • users clicked on the 'Tap to climb' button which initiated the snake and ladders game • the snakes represented problems users were facing which they had to avoid reaching their goal • user had to tap on the dice to move on the board - after 2 moves, they would encounter a snake and move down on the board

  • using creative communication users were prompted to shake their phone post which the snakes would disappear, and a direct ladder took them to their goal

  • a closing screen featured a carousel of benefits with a CTA: ENROLL NOW redirecting users to the respective eCommerce page

see the results for yourself




engagement rate

8.89 sec

avg time spent
(>7X higher than the 0.20% industry average for mobile banner ads)

MOAT by Oracle


on Screen %

impressions where at least 1 pixel of the ad was in-view with focus


In-View %

unfiltered impressions where at least 50% of an ad was In-View for at least one continuous second


Fully On-Screen %

impressions where the ad surface was 100% on-screen for any period of time


In-view time %

The length of time in seconds that an ad has been active and In-View.

campaign performance data

top 5 devices as per engagement

To stay relevant in the industry where everything is a cut-throat competition, its essential to upskill consistently. We wanted to promote how an individual can do that with JAIN Online University in a more affordable and accessible manner. In order to stand out from the clutter, we wanted an innovative and engaging mobile ad campaign that generates strong brand recall and remains etched in the minds of the user. With mCanvas, we were able to do exactly that with an innovative campaign that used the concept of snakes and ladders to get our key messaging across in a simple and effective, yet fun and memorable manner.
Sunny Amlani, Vice President - Growth and Marketing, Jain Online
To generate high top of mind brand recall, we wanted an innovative mobile ad experience that could break through the clutter in the edtech space. This gamified mobile ad brilliantly used the popular game of snakes and ladders, leveraging nostalgia and utilized other mobile sensors to create a highly immersive experience for the users.
Ravi Gupta,
AVP Digital Media, Logicserve Digital
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