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see how CoinSwitch Kuber integrated all of mCanvas' solutions to reach 13.3 million users across India

CoinSwitch Kuber
say hello to india's favourite crypto app! - CoinSwitch Kuber

what CoinSwitch wanted

  • communicate that CoinSwitch Kuber app allows people to invest in any kind of cryptocurrency with as little as ₹100

  • spread awareness that investing in cryptocurrency is easy, accessible and non-risky

  • promote app downloads and create a lasting brand recall

our solution
engagements + video views + clicks


  • promote expandable with an interactive experience through sticker, scroller and interstitial formats

  • promote interactive video experience through streambox

  • promote app downloads through spotlight

  • run our ads on premium mobile websites and apps

  • educate and provide info about ease of investing through CoinSwitch Kuber

  • promote app installs through CTA


  • higher click-through rate via app downloads

  • incremental reach

  • interactive campaign allows for higher brand recall

  • generate positive opinion on crypto

branding solution offered by mCanvas

sticker + scroller + interstitial
pan india
tech used
gyroscope and accelerometer


solution - engagements

the sticker, scroller, interstitial ad formats intrigue the user to click and expand the ad to experience the engaging journey.

  • the campaign uses the ad formats to creatively turn around opinions about crypto trading.

  • on entering the experience, users are guided to spin their phone on a flat surface.

  • the gyroscope and accelerometer phone sensors triggers an animated gold coin to spin in the center of the screen and transitions into a bitcoin.

  • upon transition, the users are nudged to shake their phones, CTA ‘download app’ allows users to invest in bitcoins in as less as inr 100

solution – video views

  • the streambox format runs the ad on auto-play and auto-mute.

  • the companion banner communicates to the users about the interactivity of the ad.

  • the overlay intrigues with a multiple-choice question on minimum amount required to invest in Bitcoin. The choice determines the answer as right or wrong.

  • if the user does not interact for 5 seconds, the right answer is auto showcased.

  • the final banner appears with the brand tagline, logo and CTA ‘download app’

solution - clicks

  • the spotlight format appears as the user scrolls through content.

  • the ads messaging appears in the large format prompting users to click on the ‘download app’ CTA to get started to on investing in cryptocurrency.

  • the ad was non-intrusive and could continue scrolling if the user did not want to interact with the ad

see the results for yourself


2.6 MN




11.5 secs

avg time spent
*12 times higher CTR as compared to the 0.25% industry average for standard mobile banners

video views

7.3 MN





3.4 MN



*8 times higher CTR as compared to the 0.25% industry average for standard mobile banners

campaign performance data

top devices as per engagement

top channels as per engagement

top 5 websites and cities as per engagement rate

it was a privilege to carry out the campaign for CoinSwitch Kuber. we creatively presented the brand message and also turned around users’ opinion on cryptocurrency – one from apprehension to that of downloading the app to invest.
Mayukh Bardhan, Digital Marketing Manager, CoinSwitch Kuber
this ad is an absolute masterpiece. not only did it enable users to physically interact with the ad, but it also reached customers in predefined areas with mCanvas’ regional targeting. further, we are thrilled with the exceptional results.
Sekhar Patnaik, Associate Vice President, Initiative Media
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