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July 24, 2023

Affinity acquires German consumer engagement tech company Opinary

Acquisition adds to its ad-tech focussed product portfolio and expands footprint in the European market

Chicago, 24th July, 2023:Affinity (www.affinity.com), a fast-growing, diversified ad-tech company operating privacy-friendly advertising networks across the purchase funnel and publisher SaaS products, announces the 100% acquisition of Opinary GmbH, a consumer engagement media tech company in Berlin. The transaction was finalized on July 18, 2023, and was fully funded via a consideration mix of equity and cash.

Founded in 2016 by Pia and Cornelius Frey,  Opinary has made significant strides in revolutionizing user engagement and developed a poll-driven audience data pipe across 120 Million monthly users on more than 100 premium publishers like NBC Universal, The Times of London, The Financial Times and Germany based Der Speigel, Tagesspiegel, Burda Forward amongst others. Backed by renowned VCs like Project A and Trafo, Opinary has established itself as a leader in the German media tech space, reshaping the way users interact with digital content.

The acquisition adds a highly-engaging media touchpoint to Affinity’s portfolio of privacy-friendly advertising solutions for its existing advertisers and a new monetization and audience enrichment product for its publishers, across US, UK, EU, India and Asia. Additionally, the acquisition strengthens Affinity’s market presence in the EU through Opinary’s extensive network of brands and publishers. Opinary’s leadership team of Cornelius Frey, Pia Frey, Lothar Krause and Torben Brodt, and team of 26 in Germany will join Affinity’s team of 400 across India, US, UK, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Brazil, taking the overall team strength to 430.

Affinity was founded in 2006 by Lucas Roh, John Lee, Lavin Punjabi, Bharat Sharma, Nikunj Soni, Vijay Mehta and Monica Ajwani. The company has grown organically at 85% CAGR over the last 4 years. It was announced as a Top 100 company by Red Herring in 2022. It’s advertising networks drive over 2 Bn USD of commercial transactions annually for 2,000 advertisers. Its products are deployed across premium publishers like Samsung, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Msn.com, Vivo, Oppo, Yahoo and 500 others.

“We found the right DNA match with Opinary in terms of product, vision and team. This first acquisition is an exciting milestone for us, underscoring our commitment to driving smart and industry-leading solutions, and delivering exceptional value to our clients across the globe.” Lucas Roh, co-founder and Chairman of Affinity Global Inc.

“This collaboration strengthens our position in Europe and sets the stage for further growth and success internationally. We couldn't be more excited about the opportunity to expand Opinary globally and enhance our portfolio in Europe through Affinity's exceptionally smart suite of offerings.” said Opinary CEO Cornelius Frey.

About Affinity:

Affinity Global Inc. is an ad technology holding company that delivers innovative cross-funnel consumer engagement products for both advertisers and publishers. It’s suite of products includes 4 ad networks and 2 publisher facing SaaS platforms. The ad network portfolio includes mCanvas, for top funnel branding. VEVE, for mid funnel performance across OEM and Browser placements. SitePlug, a bottom funnel performance network for coupon, content, typo domain, and search placements. Yield Solutions, a programmatic display network for content publishers. Affinity’s publisher-facing revenue-enhancing SaaS products include AdOpsOne, an AI-powered ad operations assistant for publishers using Google Ad Manager and NucleusLinks, an automation platform for commerce and affiliate publishers. Affinity is a global company with 400 employees across India, US, UK, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Brazil. For more information visit https://affinity.com.

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