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September 15, 2023


Discover the power of interactive ads and learn how to leverage these engaging experiences to captivate audiences and drive results.

interactive ads: shaping mobile marketing

In the era of ad overload, interaction is key. It’s no secret that traditional static banner ads have taken a backseat, necessitating interactive ads that achieve engagement and captivate audiences.

Leveraging these formats enables brands to not only captivate their audiences but also gather valuable insights and drive better results. By focusing on personalization, entertainment, and interactivity, advertisers are redefining engagement and captivating audiences like never before.

interactive ads are revolutionizing traditional mobile marketing tactics!

  • Interactive ads break through the noise by inviting users to actively participate. By inviting the consumer to engage,  the ad experience is user-friendly and not disruptive.
  • Mobile devices offer the ideal platform for immersive interactions because of their numerous sensors, such as touch, camera, and airplane mode, that can be leveraged to engage users.
  • Interactive ads are proven to drive brand awareness, lead generation, sales, insights, and social sharing. The interactive nature of these ads allows for increased data collection and insight.
  • Interactive video ads increase ad memorability by 32%, influencing purchase intent.

A MAGNA-Verizon report underlines how the rising interactive ad formats show promise in elevating ad performance compared to standard video and banner ads:

9 trends driving the rise of mobile interactive ad experiences

Changing consumer behaviours, technological advancements, and the quest to engage mobile advertising drive innovation. Here are key trends:

  1. Mobile-First: Interactive ads are mobile-optimized, leveraging touchscreens and mobile capabilities for immersive experiences. (*source: Martech Series; Mobile Advertising Trends And Statistics To Keep in Mind)
  2. Enhanced UX: Interactive ads offer seamless interactions aligned with user preferences, outshining traditional static ads.
  3. Video Engagement: Interactive elements within videos elevate engagement, allowing users to interact, explore, and choose different paths. (*source: LinkedIn: Mobile Advertising Trends What You Need to Know in 2023)
  4. Augmented & Virtual Reality: AR and VR ads immerse users in products and virtual spaces for more engaging experiences. (*source: Martech Series; Mobile Advertising Trends And Statistics To Keep in Mind)
  5. Personalization Through Data: Data-driven personalization for tailored ads based on user behaviour, demographics, and preferences.  (*source: Moengage; 51 Mind-blowing Mobile Marketing Statistics and Trends for 2023)
  6. Gamification & Rewards: Gamified interactive ads with challenges and rewards keep users engaged and incentivized.
  7. Storytelling & Sequencing: Interactive ads convey messages sequentially, involving users in the narrative for lasting impact.
  8. Sustainability Awareness: Interactive ads serve as platforms to raise environmental and social awareness.
  9. Insights from Advanced Analytics: Interactive ads provide valuable data, yielding user behaviour and provide insights for future campaigns. Learn more about our interactive programmatic ads here.

At mCanvas, we’re not just keeping up with the trends in mobile advertising – we’re setting them. Our sensor-driven, mobile-first technology catapults brands to a whole new level. Join us on the cutting edge of innovation and make your brand stand out.

mCanvas – reshaping tomorrow’s ads today

mCanvas’ ad solutions captivate users‘s attention with immersive experiences and expedite action, leveraging 60+ sensors for multi-dimensional experiences. Our in-house team crafts ads that respond to touch, motion, and voice, boosting recall and sentiment. With 20+ targeting options and real-time APIs, mCanvas ensures user-first, safe, and personalized experiences.

Welcome to the world of mCanvas, where every touch is a tale, and every interaction, a chance to captivate!

craft immersive ad experiences for your brand, with us!

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