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June 20, 2024

High Attention Metrics Reduce CPC; Here’s How to Capture Attention, Then Triple It!

Memory has a limited capacity; attention decides what will be remembered. -ScienceDirect / ntblab.yale.edu

A Microsoft study cited by Wyzowl reveals a startling decline in the average human attention span, dropping from 12 seconds to just 8 seconds (less than that of a goldfish) over the last 2 decades. This shift highlights the challenge of capturing, and retaining, attention.

Technology, especially the internet of things, influences human attention. Exposure to smart devices, social media, and apps for everything, offers constant stimulation, hooking us with dopamine-driven rewards, causing even shorter attention spans.

Every day, the average person consumes approximately 34 gigabytes of information. Words alone offer 10% recall; adding visuals boosts retention to 65%, grabbing a ‘little byte of space’ in your brain. 

BUT, does your brain remember the last ad that you saw? Honestly, do you?

In today's digital age, the human brain is bombarded with an unprecedented volume of 6,000 to 10,000 ads daily – that’s waaay too much for the brain to process effectively! So, most ads are either ignored or forgotten. 

Advertising legend Sir John Hegarty criticized brands for failing to excite consumers, stating: "The notion that a sufficiently good creative can’t necessarily find a way to cut through and make a cultural impact, regardless of how scattered media consumption becomes, is bullshit." 

To overcome low engagement and boost recall, brands must evolve - by creating tailor-made, immersive ad experiences, that connect with the key demographic.

For the AD-tention of Gen Z and Millennials!

Smartphones have become the go-to device for Gen Z and Millennials today. Sceptical of traditional advertising, they prefer personalized, innovative experiences from brands with clear values and strong online communities. 

With attention spans dwindling, Gen Z loses active attention in as little as 1.3 seconds today. Brands have realised that ad effectiveness isn’t about garnering views, but about actually making an impression!

Now more than ever, brands must create engaging experiences on smart devices that capture the attention of the growing Gen Z and Millennial userbase.

Wired for stories: the brain prefers experiences over information

According to WARC exclusive research with MMA and ARF, advertisers have less time than they think to influence consumers. The brain responds to ads in only 400 milliseconds (i.e. 0.4 seconds), forming a positive or negative imprint. 

To truly capture attention, brands must develop strategies that make an impact in that very first second!

Experiences are the architects of attention and memory.

An impactful ad should be an experience that attracts, that resonates, that evokes emotion – one that you remember!

Insightful studies worth your attention!

A recent Lumen study used advanced eye-tracking tech to measure media effectiveness.
Their analysis of an automobile brand’s campaign showed 3X higher Attention Per Mile (APM) over YouTube skippable ads, and 13X increase in APM levels compared to digital display. This showcased how higher attention rates maximise efficiency and reduce cost per click (CPC).

A brand lift study by Kantar found that interactive ads achieve 8X higher purchase intent & brand favourability over global benchmarks.
Their insights proved engaging campaigns are crucial to decrease customer acquisition costs and boost bottom-funnel success for brands.

So, advertising strategies must evolve, embracing innovation, interaction and creativity to truly engage an audience whose attention span is fast shrinking.

Since you're still with us, congrats — you’ve defied the 8-second attention span! Guess we must be doing something right ;)

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