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November 30, 2023


2023 has been a significant year on multiple levels. One thing’s for sure – with the world craving meaningful connections, boundless creativity, and relentless innovation, the stage has been set!Zooming in: Global brands partnered with mCanvas to turn the digital ad game into a joyride of innovation and engagement, with highly impactful ad campaigns in 2023. It’s like being on an advertising rollercoaster – every click unveils a surprise; twists and turns capture the audience’s attention; the ordinary becomes the extraordinary! mCanvas is all buckled in and raring to go with the smart device ad revolution.

mCanvas has spearheaded over 500 impactful ad campaigns for globally renowned brands in 2023, garnering a cumulative reach of 3.05BN. Our campaigns boast an impressive 2.9% average engagement rate, 2.6% average click-through rate (CTR), and a remarkable 60% average view-through rate (VTR).

10 most impactful ad campaigns in 2023

Here’s a curated list of this year’s most interactive, innovative ad campaigns, where creativity meets engagement meets great results. From augmented reality to captivating animation, from sensor-driven experiences to gamified narratives, explore how global brands have reshaped engagement with impactful ad campaigns in 2023, making every click count.

1. Amazon: Prime Day Sale Pre-Launch

For Prime Day 2023, Amazon partnered with mCanvas to leverage tilt and shake motion sensors, which kept shoppers engrossed for 11.5 seconds on average, browsing through pre-sale deals on the e-comm platform. The interactive ad increased purchase intent, grabbing the attention of 2.6MN users with its attractive animation and seamless creative, while achieving 7.5X CTR above industry standards, thereby increasing purchase intent.

2. L’Oréal – Professionnel INOA

L’Oréal and mCanvas created an interactive mobile experience to promote long-lasting INOA hair colors. Over 21.3MN users were drawn into the immersive experience for increased awareness, grabbing user attention for 7+ seconds on average. The ad prompted users to virtually try different hair colors and experience new looks in real-time, made possible with front camera hair detection functionality and hair color filters. Users could click their favorite photo within the ad, then download and share it with their contacts. The ad received 1.5% engagement rate with its innovative, seamless user experience.4

3. PepsiCo: Pepsi Meals

To promote Pepsi meals in Malaysia, PepsiCo and mCanvas launched 3 interactive ad formats in their latest mobile campaign – a gamified experience using TAP, 2 video ads as single-screen interstitials, and push notifications. By efficiently leveraging demographic and appographic targeting, the campaign achieved higher engagement compared to industry standards, elevating brand favorability and awareness with the audience.

4. Bose – Quiet Comfort Earbuds II

Bose cut through the noise & chaos of everyday life with an immersive mobile ad experience to promote QuietComfort® Earbuds II, grabbing audience attention for 12 seconds on average. The ad reached 2.1MN users by using demographic, geographic, and contextual targeting. Leveraging the Press & Hold feature with compelling audio-visuals, the impactful ad highlighted the product USPs while hitting a high note of 4.7% CTR for increased message association.

5. Lee Cooper: Life Is Out There

Lee Cooper’s mobile ad campaign helped spread brand awareness & positioned them as the go-to choice for summer fashion, reaching over 6MN users. The seamless user journey evoked a sense of adventure in the audience, encouraging them to ‘step out in style’. To showcase its summer collection, Lee Cooper leveraged gyroscope & accelerometer sensors with the swipe function, which achieved 3.7% CTR, boosted user recall & awareness, and kept users engaged for over 11 seconds with the ad.

Read more about Lee Cooper’s engaging ad campaign here.

6. Nestle Dancow Fortigro

on the occasion of Ramadan, Nestle Dancow collaborated with mCanvas to create an engaging mobile ad in Bahasa that intrigued users with on-screen interactive features, while promoting the Dancow Fortigro product. Using festive storytelling, immersive communication, compelling creatives, and a personalized user experience, the ad helped to boost brand awareness while enhancing engagement and amplifying brand loyalty.

7. Indofood Jetz – Sweet Stick

Indofood, JetZ launched the all-new packaging of its Sweet Stick snack in Indonesia, using 2 popular characters – Shinchan & Tahilalats. The full-screen interstitial by mCanvas in Bahasa prompted users to Press & Hold to engage with the creative, using exciting audio-visuals to reveal the new snack pack. The interactive campaign achieved over 24% CTR, an astounding 123X above industry standards. The ad reached more than 2.6MN users, keeping them hooked for 26 seconds on average, causing an uplift in awareness and favorability for the brand.

Find out more about Jetz’s Sweet Stick case study here.

8. Mission Impossible: 7

As part of pre-release promotions for ‘Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part 1’, mCanvas created a gamified experience by leveraging tap & tilt features to get 5.8MN movie-goers immersed in an adrenaline-racing mobile ad for improved message association. The intriguing, and quite entertaining ad matched the thrill, action, and excitement of the Tom Cruise-led movie franchise, keeping users engrossed for 10.5 seconds on average, while it pumped the engagement rate up to 8X above benchmarks.

9. World Of Hyatt: Weddings – Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, mCanvas and Hyatt spread the love with an interactive campaign, taking 1.5MN+ users on a journey of love. The engaging mobile ad prompted users to answer a few simple questions about their ‘special someone’; then, using their responses, an animated personalized video was created. To further spread the love, users could share the video on a messaging app. Using demographic and interest-based targeting, along with a customized, seamless user experience, the ad garnered 12X higher CTR and 16.5 seconds spent on average with this topical and well-timed campaign, leading to improved brand awareness.

10. Mother Dairy – Sweet Holi

Mother Dairy shared sweets, colors, and customized wishes on Holi in an interactive ad, that had 8.6MN users engaged with the experience. The mobile ad leveraged Augmented Reality, face detection technology, tap functionality, and instant message shareability, which encouraged users to bond over their favorite mithai and enhance their festive celebrations. The campaign garnered a 1.2% engagement rate, and users spent 14 seconds on average fascinated by the interstitial, for higher brand favorability during the festive period.

Take a look at the Press Release on Mother Dairy’s Holi campaign.

what an impactful 2023 it’s been for mCanvas!

The innovative campaigns listed above tell only one part of our overall success story in 2023!

This year, our parent company Affinity Global Inc. acquired Opinary, the German media tech firm, amplifying its ad-tech portfolio and expanding its footprint in the European market. To know more, read the Press release.

The icing on the cake in 2023 – mCanvas has expanded its ad format range with interactive ads on CTV. Driven to maximize brand impact through engaging experiences, mCanvas advances its innovation and creativity from small screens to a larger canvas – now on CTV, with immersive overlays, including animated banners, graphics, and QR codes.

Stay tuned to our website and social media platforms, for further updates on CTV.

This year has been more than just another chapter in mCanvas’ story; it’s the start of an unprecedented ‘AD’venture for us in the digital marketing era!

don’t just take our word for it; let the numbers speak for themselves

Kantar, the globally renowned data insights and consulting company, collaborated with mCanvas to create a BLI report + whitepaper, dissecting 42 campaigns across verticals between 2021 and 2023.

The report stated that mCanvas delivers double-digit uplifts across multiple KPIs, elevating brand awareness, enhancing message association, and driving a notable surge in consumer engagement. Compared to industry benchmarks, mCanvas has delivered a whopping 8X higher impact on purchase intent over global delta norms, stated Kantar.

Other top highlights of the whitepaper:


Learnings from the whitepaper:

mCanvas’ gamified creatives and interactive sensors captivate audience attention and stand out in a crowded ad space, empowering brands to create interactive ads that achieve up to 5X higher brand awareness, 8X higher brand favorability, and 8X higher purchase intent, over global benchmarks. Dive into our white paper for more insights on how top-funnel branding propels bottom-funnel success:

After a high-impact 2023, looking forward to a game-changing 2024!

According to WARC’s Global Ad Spend Outlook 2023/’24: Withstanding Turbulence report, the global advertising spends are on course to reach a total of $963 BN this year. With a forecasted growth of 8.2% in 2024, the global ad market is expected to top $1 Trillion in value for the very first time.

In the coming year, gear up for a brand boost with our interactive ad experiences. Kantar’s BLI study unveiled how mCanvas’ impactful ads in 2023 garnered 2.4X higher aided awareness and 2.6X higher brand favorability, compared to our mobile ads in 2021. Harnessing smartphone sensors and cutting-edge features, our mobile ads blend creativity and interactivity for genuine user connections, enhancing brand recall and visibility.

Here’s a flashback of some of our other innovative and impactful ad campaigns in 2023:

Maximize your digital impact in 2024 with our efficient media buying strategies. To stay ahead in the advertising game, connect with mCanvas now!

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