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December 16, 2022

mCanvas Celebrates 8 Big Wins For Mobile Advertising Excellence at Adgully's MOBEXX Awards 2022

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the very 1st time an ASUS laptop was sent to the MIR space station, the brand launched their latest ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition laptop with a truly creative and interactive campaign, to give users a glimpse of the outer space experience.

Mumbai - December 16, 2022: mCanvas, the mobile branding solution, has bagged a total of 8 renowned accolades at Adgully's MOBEXX Summit Awards 2022.

The MOBEXX Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in Mobile Marketing & Advertising. MOBEXX has been a true marker for mobile initiatives that are innovative, creative, and effective.

Our wins at the MOBEXX Summit Awards 2022, in its 6th Edition held in Gurugram on 15th December 2022, include:

  • GOLD for Mobile Advertising Excellence in Voice category with Oneplus TV U1S - Speaks for Itself and You
  • GOLD for Best Use of Gamification within Games category with ZEE5 RRR (Rise, Roar, Revolt) campaign
  • SILVER for Mobile Advertising Excellence in In-app Advertising Campaign with Flipkart Electronics - MIVI Clear & Crisp Like Never Before
  • SILVER under the Mobile Advertising Excellence in Moment Marketing category for Dettol Cool #SHOWERCOOLER
  • SILVER under the Mobile Advertising Excellence in Launch Campaign category for ASUS Zenbook : Space Launch Edition
  • SILVER in the Mobile Advertising Excellence in Integrated Campaign for Domex : Toilet Wars
  • SILVER under Mobile Advertising Excellence in Rich Media Campaign for Ultratech - Ghar 1 Mauka 1 Issliyea Cement Bhi Desh Ka No. 1
  • BRONZE in the Mobile Advertising Excellence in Brand Campaign category for Saridon No. 1 Headache Specialist

The success of the OnePlus TV U1S campaign spoke for itself with a voice-enabled, regionally targeted mobile ad (which users can't stop talking about!)

OnePlus promoted its TV U1S with a very vocal mobile ad campaign that achieved a 2.05% engagement rate, which is 10X higher that industry benchmarks.

By leveraging speech recognition technology, users could speak commands to engage with the mobile ad. For instance, to switch on the TV, users said, “Turn on the TV;” to listen to calming music on Spotify, they said, “Play Relaxing Music.” Similarly, users can give commands to increase the volume, check the weather, or watch any movie on OTT platforms.

The OnePlus campaign reached 9.4MN users who spent an average of 6+ seconds on the mobile ad.

ZEE5 launched the world digital premiere of RRR with a gamified mobile ad that had movie-buffs ready to Rise, Roar, Revolt!

ZEE5 built awareness about the world digital premiere of their blockbuster Telugu film RRR. Their gamified mobile ad received 4.6% engagement rate, an astounding 23 times above the industry standard.

To get familiar with foot-tapping dance song “NAATU” from the movie, users played a 15 second engaging game to the rhythm of this highly trending song, with a gif of the protagonists dancing on the screen.

This game used piano tiles where players had to tap on the right piano tiles every time the word “NAATU” came up during the song. For every right tile tapped, the user got 10 points, for wrong taps, they lost 5. The game perfectly brought together music, dance, entertainment and gaming on the user's mobile screen.

Not only a fun gamified approach, the mobile ad also spread word about “India's biggest blockbuster RRR coming to your screens,” to create buzz for the movie premiere on the channel. The campaign reached over 3.2 MN users who spent almost 8.8 seconds on average, tapping their feet to the ad.

Flipkart Electronics - MIVI used a memory game to showcase their best deals and offers with online shoppers.

Flipkart, being one of the leading e-commerce websites, initiated a campaign for MIVI Ear Buds, with an interactive ad across multiple digital platforms. With many exciting offers on the app, the ad drove interested shoppers to grab the best deals online from Flipkart.

Using an interactive gaming approach to test the players' memory, users had 8 seconds to remember the positions of 4 pairs of MIVI earbuds on their phone screen, before they were hidden under tiles. Then, they were given another few seconds to flip the tiles and match the correct pairs. On completion of the game, they were led to the Flipkart page to check out shopping offers, like they've never seen before.

This spectacular campaign reached more than 45.7 MN users, with an overall 1.61% engagement rate, 8X higher than the industry average. Users spent a good amount of 9.7 seconds, highly engaged with the mobile experience.

As per the Kantar report, the campaign effectively aided awareness by 6%, drove 7% brand favorability, and increased purchase intent by 6% for Flipkart MIVI.

Dettol launched their coolest soap this summer with an interactive mobile game, in a multi-lingual ad campaign.

As one of the most popular FMCG brands around, Dettol launched their Dettol Cool soap this summer. Its USP: to make users feel 5 degrees cooler than the hot temperature outside. The highly interactive ad with a gamified experience, was released as a multi-lingual ad campaign in Hindi, English, Tamil and Bengali, with hyper-local targeting.

By integrating real-time weather & location API, the ad showed the temperature at the user's location, as the messaging and visuals focused on summer. To beat the heatwave, users were asked to tap 5 falling ice cubes in 8 seconds, to reduce the temperature by 5 degrees.

After doing this, the brand messaging revealed how users could 'beat the heat with the #ShowerCooler!' (in their preferred language, of course) and directed to buy this Cool soap online.

This cool mobile campaign reached more than 11.2 MN users, garnering an engagement rate of 2.84% which is over 14X compared to the industry average. The audience spent an average time of 10 seconds, completely engaged with this ad.

ASUS Zenbook took users to outer space in a rocket, with vibration, smoke and a mind-blowing launch campaign.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the very 1st ASUS laptop, the brand launched their latest ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition laptop with a truly creative and interactive campaign, to give users an outer space experience.

Users were engaged by the storytelling from the start, which kicked off with a 3-second countdown to the rocket launch. Using motion sensors to detect interaction, users felt the transition of a rocket launch, with haptic vibration and realistic smoke, to enhance the viewer experience.

Next, they were shown a 360 view of the new laptop, where they could tap on hotspots to learn more about its special features. They were finally led to a website to understand all about the Zenbook Space Edition laptop.

This out-of-the-world campaign reached over 4.7 MN users. The audience spent more than 8 seconds interacting the ad, with an overall engagement rate of 1.79% being 9 times above industry benchmarks. Now that's what we call, truly out of this world!

"The users were engaged in a story from the countdown and continued as they got an immersive experience of a rocket launch on their phone screens. They were taken on a visually appealing and multi-sensorial journey, indeed. And this campaign really helped us spread awareness about our latest Space Edition laptop."Mr. Paramjeet Mehta, Marketing Head Consumer PC & Gaming, Systems Group at Asus India Pvt. Ltd.

Domex waged the battle against smell & stains and won the 'Toilet Wars,' with an interactive and fresh mobile game.

Domex reached households to show how they can effectively get rid of odours, stains and germs, using a fresh take on mobile gaming, while offering gratification to their users.

In the game, users were asked to join the war to get rid of malodour, stains and germs. Players were instructed to swipe the bottle left or right to aim at these 3 pain points and shoot them with bubbles, across 3 levels at increasing speeds, over 60 seconds. As they hit the pain point bubbles, they got points added on the Fresh-O-Meter.

Ultratech cemented its place as the No. 1 brand in building materials with an immersive and innovative experience, this Independence Day.

On the occasion of India's 75th Independence Day, UltraTech Cement shared the brand's key communication: “Ghar 1, Mauka 1 Toh Cement Bhi Desh Ka No. 1." The campaign used the innovative augmented reality environment to celebrate our Independence Day differently.

With a first-of-its-kind multiple colour detection functionality, users were prompted to find all the 3 colours of the Indian flag in their surroundings, using their phone camera. Once the user successfully detected all 3 colours, the Indian flag was hoisted on the mobile screen. With the brand's key messaging, they created a strong connection with users, to celebrate India's 75th Independence day in the most unique and exciting way.

With over 2.2 MN users reached, this patriotic ad campaign boasted of an engagement rate of 3.26% (16 times above the 0.2% industry average). The best part was users were so thoroughly engaged and impressed by this never-done-before experience, that they spent over 12 seconds, on this mobile ad campaign.

Saridon No. 1 Advanced stood out as the specialist to replace headaches with smiles, using a contextual, gamified mobile ad.

Bayer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, launched Saridon No. 1 Advanced, that's 2 times more effective in relieving headaches. The brand promoted their product with a highly engaging, gamified mobile experience, which had users' undivided attention for 12.99 seconds on this ad.

This ad campaign centered around the idea that we should not 'fake smile' to hide our aches and pains; instead smile after getting rid of them with Saridon Advanced. The smile detection functionality of the phone camera, accompanied with an entertaining jingle, brought the brand messaging alive, by asking users to smile and interact in an innovative and engaging way.

The campaign reached over 5.3 MN users with an engagement rate of 1.11% using the unique smile detection functionality.

“Our challenge was to highlight the difference between the effectiveness of Saridon Advanced and other paracetamol tablets in a creative way. The gamified concept in the mobile perfectly helped to achieve our campaign objectives.” Sandeep Verma, CEO, Bayer consumer Healthcare/ Saridon.



“Saridon's key messaging revolves around how we hide our headaches behind our smiles when around loved ones. The new Advanced No.1 gives relief from headaches in just 5 minutes. The brand was looking for an innovative way to promote their new product using a gamified mobile campaign. With mCanvas, we were able to communicate the brand's message to the user in an engaging way, integrating smile detection and the campaign jingle in an interactive video.” Vishal Shah, Managing Partner, Mediacom.

Rishi Sharma, Senior Vice President - Ad Sales, mCanvas concluded, “It's gratifying that so many of our campaigns have been recognised and appreciated by industry stalwarts. This encourages us to push the envelope and break new ground to create bigger, better, and more impactful experiences in mobile advertising. We're extremely thankful to the esteemed jury for these eight accolades.”

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