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January 28, 2021

Fevicol Drives User Engagement with mCanvas’ Interactive Mobile Ads; Uses Speech Recognition Technology & Powerful Motion Sensors

Integrating a number of interactive features and sensors, the three ads are providing users across North and South India with a seamless brand experience on mobile

mCanvas, the experiential storytelling ad platform for small screens, collaborated with Madison Media - Digital to create three interactive mobile ads for Fevicol. The pan-India campaigns reached over 3.4 million users. It creatively integrated speech recognition technology and the accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors to provide users with a sensory-rich experience on small screens.

The multi-lingual ads highlighted the brand’s campaign video ‘19 20 da fark’ and ‘Yakshagana’, which are based on the popular Hindi idiom called ‘19 20 ka fark’ and the well-known south Indian dance form respectively. “We wanted to build awareness about the stark difference between our high-quality product and ordinary glue with a rich-media mobile ad, that would bring our vision to life in the most innovative manner,” said Giridhar Seetharam, President, Pidilite Industries Limited.

Creative 1| Accelerometer & gyroscope motion sensors | Shake your phone | Hindi

The first creative opens to a video slot on the screen displaying a snippet from the ‘19 20 da fark’ TVC. After a few seconds, the ad prompts users to shake their phones to find out why they should always choose Fevicol over ordinary glue.

Once the user physically engages with the ad, the video resumes; this was powered using advanced motion sensors. On completion, the closing screen appears, featuring relevant branding and key visuals.

Creative 2 | Speech recognition technology | Voice | Hindi & Punjabi

The second creative is running in two languages – Punjabi and Hindi. For users in Punjab and Chandigarh, the interactive ad displays the brand’s television commercial ‘19 20 da fark’ in the Punjabi language. Additionally, users in Haryana, Jaipur, Nashik, Nagpur, and Indore were shown the Hindi language version of the brand’s TVC. The interactive ad opens to the copy ‘19-20 ka fark sahi hota hai ya nahi? Aaiye jaanein!’, after which the screen transitions and features the TVC, which begins playing. The video momentarily pauses, and the copy in the ad changes, instructing users to tap on the mic icon at the bottom of the screen and say “Haan” or “Naa”.

Using speech recognition technology, on saying “Haan”, the ad then reveals the copy ‘Life me 19-20 ka fark chalta hai lekin furniture me nahi’, and the video continues. Alternatively, if the user says “Naa”, the ad displays the copy ‘Jab life me 19-20 ka fark nahi chahiye to furniture me kyu?’, after which the video continues. Once the TVC culminates, the ad reveals relevant branding and key visuals, along with the CTA ‘Know More’, that directs users to the brand’s landing page for more information.

Creative 3| Accelerometer & gyroscope motion sensors | Shake your phone | Kannada & Telugu

The third creative is also running in two languages, Kannada and Telugu. Users in Karnataka are targeted with ads that showcased the Yakshagana TVC in the Kannada language, while those in Hyderabad were shown the same TVC in the Telugu language. The expandable opens to the TVC video snippet, along with a prompt for users to shake their phone to find out why Fevicol should always be their ultimate choice of glue.

Integrating accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors, the video commercial resumes, after which the ad transitions to the closing screen showcasing relevant brand details.

Users are spending over 10 seconds on average engaging with the interactive ads. With an engagement rate of 2.2%, which is 11 times the 0.20% industry average for mobile banners, the ads are breaking the norm and resonating well with users.

Commenting on the industry disruptive mobile ads, Chintan Soni, Vice-President, Madison Media - Digital said, “We’re here to create distinct and memorable campaigns for brands wherever possible. With Fevicol’s campaign, we could experiment with geo-targeting and lingual ads, giving customers across the country a rich brand experience in their native languages, making these ads significantly more meaningful and effective.”

Speaking on the interactive ads and the exceptional results it garnered, Akshay Mohini Nandoskar, Regional Sales Head – West, mCanvas commented, “We endeavour to disrupt the mobile ad space with ads that seamlessly couple technology and creativity to help brands build emotional connections with users. We are versatile in our execution, adding a unique touch to every ad. This approach has helped us achieve exceptional results for Fevicol.”

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