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June 10, 2020

mCanvas Bags 5 Awards for Innovative Campaigns at Adgully’s DIGIXX Awards 2020 for ASUS India, Reebok, Flipkart, Godrej Appliances and Kamasutra

Seamlessly integrated with advanced technology, these mobile ads engaged users with their out-of-the-box concepts

mCanvas, the experiential storytelling ad platform for small screens, recently announced that it won five awards at Adgully’s DIGIXX Awards 2020. The wins were in the following categories:

  • ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo – Technology - Gold
    - Agency: Dentsu Webchutney
  • Reebok’s PureMove Bra – Sports - Gold
    - Agency: MediaCom
  • Flipkart Deals ka Chand (BBD) – E-Commerce - Gold
    - Agency: Essence
  • Godrej Appliances – Mobile & Apps Marketing – FMCG - Silver
    - Agency: Isobar
  • Kamasutra Condoms – Mobile & Apps Marketing – FMCG - Bronze
    - Agency: Madison

In order to promote the Zenbook Pro Duo – India’s first dual-screen laptop, ASUS India needed an innovative idea that would not only educate users about the product, but also engage them creatively. To showcase the cutting-edge technology used in the laptop, it was necessary to use an equally distinct ad to communicate its message.

The interactive campaign created by mCanvas, used real-time eye-blink detection technology to identify when users blinked, thereafter revealing the laptop.

Reaching over 3.2 million users, the campaign witnessed an impressive 1.2% click-through rate, which is 6 times the 0.20% industry average for mobile banners. Users are spending over 9 seconds, on average, engaging with the creative and saw 10% users visiting the landing page to know more about the product or make a purchase.

Acknowledging the award, Paramjeet Singh Mehta, Marketing Head PC & Gaming, ASUS India said, “What started out as a humble idea – to promote an innovative laptop with an interactive ad, turned into an award-winning concept. Honored as we with this victory, we would like to extend our gratitude to Dentsu Webchutney, Amnet and mCanvas for bringing our vision to life with this unique campaign."

Gurjot Shah Singh, Sr. Vice President and National Media head, Dentsu Webchutney said, “Coupling real-time eye-blink detection technology and programmatic advertising helped us break through the cluttered ad space with an award-winning campaign that targeted the right audience with a meaningful ad experience.”

Commenting on the programmatic ad, Abhishek Hundekari, Programmatic Lead, Amnet India commented, “Using a data-driven approach to optimally target the right user segments, ASUS India’s mobile campaign engaged potential customers and established a strong connection between them and the brand.”

Making women realize the discomfort associated with regular bras while working out was at the core of Reebok’s objectives, while promoting its PureMove Bra. Since the product aimed to enhance the fitness experience, the creative was also conceptualized to get users to do a common physical activity - jumping.

The ad prompted users to jump five times, allowing them to feel the discomfort of everyday bras. The phone tracked the number of jumps and then revealed the brand’s message; this was done using the gyroscope and accelerometer motion sensors.

Reaching over 2 million users, the campaign saw an impressive 1.9% click-through rate, which is over 9 times the 0.20% industry average for mobile banner ads. User spent 9 seconds, on average, engaging with the creative.

Speaking on the accolade, Himanshi Tandon, Lead - Digital Marketing, Reebok said, “Putting the comfort of women first is paramount, especially when it comes to finding the perfect sports bra. Further, mobile seemed to be the right medium to communicate our message effectively and the interactivity offered by it enabled our users to physically participate in the ad. It is reassuring to win yet another award for this campaign.”

Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce giant, promoted its yearly sale – The Big Billion Days Sale through an interactive ad that tied in the auspiciousness of the moon, with the theme ‘Deals Ka Chand’. Coupling sound recognition technology and virtual reality (VR), mCanvas built an interactive ad that got users to actively interact with the brand.

Based on the significance that the moon holds in the Indian culture, the idea of the campaign was to establish an association between the sale and full moon. Compensating for the absence of the moon during the campaign, the ad featured a full moon in a VR that users were prompted to find by panning their phones.

Once found, dense clouds covered it and users were encouraged to blow into the phone’s microphone. Using real-time sound recognition technology, the gush of air moved the clouds away, revealing an exciting offer from the sale. The ad experience also extended to a microsite, was sharable on social media, and was also directly promoted by the brand simultaneously with the mobile ad.

Reaching almost 5 million users, the campaign saw an impressive 2% click-through rate, which is 10 times the 0.20% industry average for mobile banners. Users spent 7 seconds, on average, while engaging with the creative.

Godrej Appliances promoted their eco-friendly air-conditioners with a mobile ad on World Environment Day, in an effort to lead users to an enhanced cooling solution. The augmented reality (AR) led campaign encouraged users to start their camera and point it towards green objects in their surroundings.

Once the object was detected, the screen locked in on the colour, turning entirely green and revealed the AC; this was enabled used colour recognition technology. The ad then transitioned to the closing screen that displayed the product’s key USPs and the brand messaging, along with the CTA ‘Explore More’ that directed users to the landing page for information on the product.

Reaching over 2.5 million users, the campaign is seeing a 1.5% click-through rate – more than 7 times the interest compared to the 0.20% industry average for mobile banner ads. Users are spending close to 9 seconds on average engaging with the creative.

Kamasutra promoted the launch of its new mango-flavoured condoms with an innovative mobile-led ad creative that highlighted its tagline ‘Because love isn’t seasonal’, referring to summer, the season of mangoes.

The brand also desired to establish a strong connection between the mango season, especially because it was off-season when the campaign was launched and the metaphorical season of love. The interactive ad engaged users by encouraging them to shake their phone to discover the new form of mangoes available not only in-season, but throughout the year.

Reaching almost 2.2 million users, the campaign saw an impressive 1.5% click-through rate, which is over 7 times the 0.20% industry average for mobile banners. Users spent over 9 seconds, on average, while engaging with the creative.

Ajay Rawal, General Manager (Marketing), Raymond Consumer Care said, “Promoting our product innovatively was the ultimate goal. With this award-winning, rich-media ad that was created by Madison and mCanvas, we not only managed to achieve our objectives, but also engaged users in a way that was above industry standards.”

Kosal Malladi, General Manager, Madison also said, “Mobile as a platform gives marketers the opportunity to create interesting brand experiences. Hence, when it came to promoting Kamasutra’s newest mango-flavoured condoms, we were confident that leveraging mobile’s interactive elements would work well. We are elated to be awarded with this accolade.”

To conclude, Vishal Rupani, Co-founder & CEO, mCanvas, said, “The benchmark for creating engaging mobile ads is rising. For every campaign, we do our best to integrate advanced technology into our ads in order to provide memorable and unique experiences for users. We are grateful to the jury for recognizing our work.”

About mCanvas:

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