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December 24, 2019

ASUS Gets Thousands of Users to Blink to Reveal India’s First Dual-Screen Laptop in Recent Mobile Ad

Reaching 3.2 million users, the campaign detects users’ eye blinks accurately while they engage with the ad

mCanvas, the experiential storytelling ad platform for small screens, and Dentsu Webchutney, co-created an interactive mobile-led ad campaign for ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo. The campaign was run programmatically through Amnet, Dentsu’s programmatic buying and audience management solution. Using real-time eye-blink detection technology, a novel innovation in the rich-media industry, the ad campaign is getting users to effectively engage with the brand.

ASUS’ campaign objective was to promote the Zenbook Pro Duo – India’s first dual-screen laptop. The product features a regular 14-inch full HD display, along with a secondary touchscreen 12.6-inch display called ScreenPad Plus, that supports stylus input and is positioned above the keyboard. The eye-catching product is a disruption in the industry, resulting in the need to create an equally disruptive ad campaign using innovative technology.

Conceptualised by mCanvas and Denstu Webchutney, the ad creative opens to the copy ‘The laptop of tomorrow is just a blink away’, encouraging users to tap the below ‘Explore’ button. The ad then prompts users to blink their eyes to reveal the new laptop. Using real-time eye-blink detection technology, the Zenbook Pro Duo then fades in along with its features of the product. A ‘Know More’ CTA at the bottom directs users to the brand’s landing page for more information.

Reaching over 3.2 million users, the campaign is witnessing an impressive 1.2% click-through rate, which is over 6 times the 0.20% industry average for mobile banners. Users are spending over 9 seconds, on average, engaging with the creative and saw 10% users visiting the landing page to know more about the product or make a purchase.

Paramjeet Singh Mehta, Marketing Head PC & Gaming, ASUS India said “We were on the lookout for a creative that did justice to the high-end Zenbook. Thanks to Dentsu Webchutney and mCanvas, we could provide users with an avant-garde ad to actively engage users and boost their interest in the product.”

Chirag Chandiramani, Associate Media Director, Dentsu Webchutney said, “Considering the eye-catching features of the ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo, it was imperative to amalgamate media and creativity to come up with a clutter breaking tech innovation, to engage with the audience. The idea was to innovate and involve the right audience, for which we also leveraged our programmatic prowess, which led to buying and targeting efficiencies as well.”

Speaking on the programmatic solution, Abhishek Hundekari, Programmatic Lead, Amnet India said, “Brands are increasingly adopting a data-driven approach to run their ads. ASUS’ rich-media programmatic ad not only intelligently targeted the right users, but also provided them with an elevated ad experience.”

Commenting on the technology used, Vishal Rupani, Co-founder & CEO, mCanvas concluded, “We know that brands want to engage their users. We also know that there’s a multiplicity of brands that are employing interactive ad formats to break through the noise on the digital space. So, what sets ASUS’ campaign apart from the rest? The real-time eye-blink detection technology used in the ad intuitively encouraged users to interact with the brand, elevating the overall ad experience.”

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