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October 09, 2018

mCanvas Announces Regional Language Support for Ad Products and Custom Targeting

Launch aimed at breaking the language barrier for India’s diverse population by creating ads in local languages and targeting based on region, lingual site & audience data

mCanvas, the experiential storytelling ad platform for small screens, today announced the launch of Linguistic Ads to reach out to the large base of Indian internet users in their native language. mCanvas’ proprietary ad formats now support multiple regional languages and enable advertisers to target ads based on users' region, site, and audience data.

Since its inception in early 2015, mCanvas has focused on creating ads in English. But with today’s launch, mCanvas will help advertisers reach audiences in their native language using dynamic creatives. The linguistic ads currently support English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. Additional languages will be added over the next few weeks.

A recent KPMG study shows that 70% of Indians find local language content on the internet more reliable. There are already 234 million non-English internet users, 99% of whom access the internet through their mobile phones. The report also suggests that India will have 536 million Indian language internet users by 2021. This highlights the need for localization and that is what mCanvas is addressing with linguistic ads. mCanvas has already executed campaigns for a few brands in regional languages.

Ads can be deployed using custom targeting options such as regional site targeting, regional geo-targeting, and regional audience data targeting. For example, if a user is reading an article in Tamil, s/he can be targeted with a Tamil ad. And when this user visits an English site, s/he could be targeted with a Tamil ad based on audience data. Advertisers can also choose to run ads in Tamil if the user is in Tamil Nadu, irrespective of the site and audience data.

Vishal Rupani, Co-founder & COO, mCanvas said, “Our mission is to bring the best brand storytelling experience to the users. mCanvas reaches over 60 million consumers each month, and with regional language ads, we are now going a step further in enhancing this experience. The unprecedented growth in users that prefer content consumption in their regional language, has created a need for localization. And with this launch, we have set higher standards in personalized marketing with more relevant and engaging content.”

Commenting on the launch, Prasad Shejale, Co-founder & CEO, Logicserve Digital said, "With most Indian internet users being non-English speakers, creating content that is in the audience's preferred language is definitely the next big thing. We're excited to adapt native language targeting into our ads with mCanvas, as it will make brand communication more inclusive."

mCanvas’ Creative Studio creates all the regional language ads in-house. Advertisers can run managed campaigns as well as programmatic campaigns via DBM, AppNexus, and MediaMath.

About mCanvas:

mCanvas is an experiential storytelling platform that helps brands emotionally connect with their audiences on small screens. Our mobile ads and content marketing solutions make experiences interactive and memorable by etching phone sensors and device features in to the brand narrative. mCanvas is creating ‘wow’ moments every day by reinventing formats, building tools and providing a marketplace (of 70+ publishers like Moneycontrol, RepublicWorld, TheHindu, ScoopWhoop, and SportsKeeda) to run these experiences at scale. To see our award-winning work and learn more visit:

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