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Top brands that are creating a dent in the global mobile ad space with avant-garde mobile ads

Top brands that are creating a dent in the global mobile ad space with avant-garde mobile ads

Over 80%1 of the world’s population owns a smartphone, and digital marketers were quick to leverage mobile marketing to tap into these users. In fact, global mobile ad spends grew by 71%2, despite the pandemic.  

With brands across the globe increasingly aligning their marketing strategies to mobile, the competition is increasing.  

The challenge: stay ahead of the curve and create an impact.  

For a campaign to resonate with the audience, it is crucial to put customers at the center of the ad experience. New-age digital users are not passive consumers of content. They are selective about the type of content they choose to interact with. Interactive ads are the only way to capture their attention and create a buzz and leave a lasting impression.   

In this article, we deep dive into some of the most successful mobile branding ads that effectively generated brand awareness, on a global scale.  

Reebok PureMove Bra | Jump to experience the discomfort of regular bras 

Emphasising the importance of comfort, Reebok promoted its newest product in its sports bra line – the PureMove Bra. The leading sportswear brand leveraged mCanvas’ engagements solution to enable female sports enthusiasts to recognise the discomfort associated with regular bras. 

Encouraging users to physically jump 5 times to experience the discomfort of their bra, the ad presented the PureMove Bra, as the perfect solution. The interactive experience was seamlessly powered by the gyroscope and accelerometer motion sensors in the mobile.  

Realme X | Engaging vertical video 

Known for its sleek line-up of smartphones, audio wearables, TVs, and more, realme promoted its feature-loaded mobile – realme X, with an innovative mobile ad.  

Integrating the pressure sensor in the mobile, users were instructed to press and hold on the screen, much like how they would unlock their smartphone using the in-display fingerprint scanner. Thereafter, an impactful vertical video highlighted the phone’s features with eye-grabbing visuals.   

Royal Enfield – Make It Yours | Interactive Hotspots to explore customisation options 

Appealing to bike aficionados, Royal Enfield promoted its diverse customisation options with its campaign – Make It Yours.   

The ad effectively showcased how users could customise their bikes by revealing the various accessory collections and designs. The interactive hotspots within the ad enabled users to explore how they could personalise their bikes.   

Mercedes-AMG – 50 years | Unique, in-store virtual experience 

Mercedes-Benz celebrated the completion of 50 years of its high-performance subsidiary – Mercedes-AMG, with an avant-garde mobile ad that witnessed a stellar 3% engagement rate.  

The brand wanted to give users a sensory rich, in-store experience – virtually. Users were encouraged to tap on the screen to unveil the AMG range. Thereafter, they could explore the features of the cars by swiping left and right on the screen and could even toggle between colours of the cars.  

Zee5 Rashmi Rocket | Live poll & walk in the protagonist’s footsteps 

The world’s largest streaming platform for South Asian content, Zee5 Global promoted the release of the original film Rashmi Rocket, with an ultra-engaging ad. Reaching customers in the US, Canada, and Australia, the ad creatively informed users about the archaic gender test female athletes are subjected to. 

Integrating a live poll, users were asked if they ever faced discrimination. A live counter displayed the number of respondents who faced discrimination, in real-time. Additionally, users were also prompted to physically take a few steps forward to experience the ordeals of the protagonist. The interaction was enabled using the accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors in the phone.  

Panasonic – MirAle app | Walk to enter the future of connected living 

Apps are an integral part of the smartphone user experience. Panasonic, the renowned consumer electronics brand, leveraged the growing rate of app usage to promote its own app – MirAle, with a programmatic mobile ad.  

Users were invited to physically take a step forward to enter the future of connected living. The ad creatively highlighted its range of best in-class air conditioners and how they could be effortlessly controlled with the app. 

KFC – Ultimate Savings Bucket | Tap the lever to reveal the discount  

Offers and discounts have always been a prominent selling point for brands. Promoting its offer ‘Ultimate Savings Bucket’, KFC unveiled an ultra-engaging mobile ad to resonate with its target market.  

Users were prompted to select items on the menu that they wanted to order. They are then encouraged to tap on the lever to reveal the exciting offer innovatively.  

mCanvas, the mobile branding solution, has empowered over 500+ global brands across industries – consumer electronics, fashion, food and beverage, travel, BFSI, and more to reach over 250+ million users on mobile apps and web.  

From the above exemplary campaigns, it is evident that the age of mobile-first ads is here. As technology progresses, brands will be able to leverage creative ingenuity to further elevate their campaign messages with thumb-stopping, disruptive mobile ads.   

For your next innovative campaign, partner with mCanvas to create engaging mobile experiences and achieve your branding KPIs at scale. Get in touch today.  




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