Top 4 Leading Brands That Whisked Their Customers Off Their Feet On Valentine’s Day With Interactive Mobile Ads

Top 4 Leading Brands That Whisked Their Customers Off Their Feet On Valentine’s Day With Interactive Mobile Ads

Valentine’s Day has always been synonymous with buying gifts and collecting experiences. From buying their favorite chocolates to planning that mini-vacation, users are willing to spend money on these to make the day of love a memorable one. In 2020, e-commerce brands alone have reported transactions worth between INR 10 – 20 crores in the week leading up the day of love. The grandeur surrounding Valentine’s Day is often attributed to the relevant and effective advertising campaigns.

In the recent years, brands have truly gone the extra mile to create consumer-centric industry first experiences. With over 500 million smartphone users in India as of 2020, which is expected to further rise to 820 million users in 2022 mobile is one of the largest platforms for advertising. Moreover mobile ads, unlike other advertising platforms offer a wealth of features and sensors that brands can leverage to create unique customer experiences.

mCanvas’s unique mobile ad solutions empowered countless brands with interactive mobile campaigns that establish a strong emotional connection with customers. The top 4 interactive mobile campaigns that effectively integrated cutting-edge technology to engage users for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Platinum Guild International | Try on rings in augmented reality

Going down a distinct route to create awareness about its jewelry range, Platinum Guild International (PGI), engaged users on small screens with an industry first interactive campaign that created waves for its unique creativity.

It’s one thing to see ads about rings, and it’s another to try them on – well, in augmented reality. PGI’s interactive mobile ad enabled users to click a picture of their finger and try 4-5 rings in AR. This interactive experience created a lasting and memorable impression on them; they spent over 11 seconds on average, engaging with the campaign.

  1. Mondelez – Valentine’s Day | Tap to blow

Chocolates is a has always been a big seller for Valentine’s Day. In fact, there’s an entire day dedicated to it – February 9. Leveraging the high demand for chocolates, Cadbury engaged its audience on mobile with a tech-driven ad that established strong brand recall and reached over 3.6 million users.

The love-themed campaign challenged users to see how far they would go for love by instructing them to hold their breath for 3 seconds and blow into the phone’s microphone. This intriguing interaction was powered using sound recognition technology.  The ad then revealed the Cadbury chocolate as an apt way to show love. The CTA ‘Buy Now’ directed users to the brand’s landing page for more information on the product.

  1. Ibibo Group

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity for couples to escape the busy city life with a much-needed getaway. Goibibo, an online travel booking platform celebrated the day with a high-impact mobile ad that aimed to drive couple-friendly room bookings.

Run on mCanvas’ format – Spotlight, a glossy banner ad that covers 90% of the screen, the campaign featured eye-grabbing visuals that encouraged users to book a room for couples, as Valentine’s Day was on the horizon. The CTA ‘Book Now’ directed users to the brand’s website, where they could browse for rooms and learn more about reservations.

  1. Joyalukkas | Draw a heart

The renowned jewelry brand, Joyalukkas prompted users to discover the joy of gifting with an interactive mobile ad that broke all the norms and created a lasting impression on users with the onset of Valentine’s Day.

Prompting users to draw a heart on the screen with their finger, the rich-media mobile campaign revealed the brand’s seasonal offers with intriguing key visuals. With an engagement rate which is more than 11 times the 0.20% industry average, the ad also featured a video commercial that highlighted the campaign message effectively.

Be it food and beverage, travel and hospitality, jewelry, automotive, BFSI, consumer durables, among a plethora of other industries mobile ads provide creative and technology solutions for all brands. Creating unique ads and experiences is the cornerstone for businesses in this day and age, to stay ahead of the competition. The campaigns mentioned above certainly etched a mark for themselves in the industry, along with garnering excellent results.

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Lavin Punjabi has spent over 16 years at the intersection of Advertising, Media and Technology in US, EU and India. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Affinity Global Inc., an ad tech holding company. Under the Affinity umbrella, he has set up 6 different business units – SitePlug, Veve, mCanvas,, Yield Solutions and Munchable. Each business caters to a unique set of marketing needs across US, UK, EU, IN, ID and China. He graduated from Jai Hind College in 2004 with a BMS degree.


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